The most wanted products of 2019!

Dear Eve family,

It’s time to put crowd development back on track!

Our community has provided a lot of awesome ideas in the What’s Next? category. It’s finally time to act on your input, so we are officially starting the next crowd development project now. And we need your input for that. While the community is going through a major update this topic will be the place for people to discuss Eve’s next projects!

What have we learned?

A lot! As you know our first crowd developed product was Eve V. It was our first time running a crowd development project with the community. With your input, we made Project: Pyramid Flipper a success that resulted in the V. But it wasn’t always easy. A compact design, little room for heat dissipation and a lot of moving parts, make a 2-in-1 computer one of the hardest product types to design and manufacture.

We did everything from scratch, by ourselves, which took a lot of time and presented us with a very steep learning curve. We had to find and connect with manufacturers and suppliers and develop quality standards and testing procedures for them. We placed orders to suppliers based on forecasts and negotiated credit terms with them.

If you want a look behind the scenes of manufacturing of the V, we have some videos available.

I think we made just about all the mistakes that could be made, and some of the many lessons we learned are that we must:

  • Focus on our strengths (the community, defining and developing products)
  • Find partners that compensate for our weaknesses (big processes, supply chain management, shipping)
  • Be physically closer to our supply chain to be faster and more effective

For these reasons and others, we decided to partner up with PCH International (you can read more about them in the big update). They have an extensive network of suppliers and good relationships with major suppliers around the world. Our plans won’t be turned upside-down by a screen supplier again!

But enough reflection, it’s time to look forward: to the most wanted tech products of 2019!

The plan

It’s hard to tell what people want just from attending tech shows, looking around stores or watching YouTube videos. There is quite a lot of marketing out there, with advertisements telling us what we should want according to focus groups or executive meetings. But what are the real pain points of people using tech today?

STEP 1: Find out what people want

This is why we start by asking you which product categories have the most room for improvement. Asking not just tech enthusiasts and industry insiders, but everyone. Normal people. End users. People who would actually use these products. People who actually know.

To kick off this project, we’ve created a short survey. Unlike previous projects we are using an external site to collect these results instead of forum polls. This provides us with new ways to ask questions and collect information.

This is your chance to contribute and be heard. The sooner you join in, the more you can influence the course of development!

Please click this link and take a few moments to voice your thoughts. Let us know what you think we should be working on in 2019!

STEP 2: Make what people want, together with you

Once the survey results are in, we will publish our findings and start the discussion around them. We will start narrowing down the options based on popularity and feasibility, working closely with PCH to benefit from their vast experience. Once we know which categories have the most potential, we will start developing new products that take into account the experiences and reasoning of the real experts: you, the users.

When we were working on the V we did not have the resources to focus on more than one product. Now that we have a bigger team, more experience and solid partners at our side, we are looking to pursue development of multiple products, combining projects of varying complexity. This way we may tackle a number of small projects in the time it takes us to develop a single, more challenging product.


Things to keep in mind

  • Don’t forget to fill out the survey linked above!
  • Products should be made based on what people want to use, not based on what the competition is doing.
  • Want to add something that wasn’t covered by the survey? Post below!
  • Don’t just say what you want, say why you want it.
  • Stay on-topic as much as possible.

Let’s create some awesome tech together!


It’s not to be first here (but I like it)… It’s hard for me to delete those thoughts in my brain about

  • what are they able to create
  • what would bring money
  • what is maybe missing in tech worlds
    and so on…

I have to force myself just to think about: what can I need in 2019 most… or should I think about the other things too?


Good question. I think the key now is to focus on what you personally need most without considering any potential limitations. Together with community members like you we have hundreds of years of expertise in any product category.


Hey! I’m younger than 40 years!!!


I think the most important thing is for everyone to tell us their own thoughts. We don’t want to make assumptions about what you want. You probably shouldn’t make assumptions about what someone else wants.

If you think someone else’s opinion matters though, feel free to share the survey link with them, and they can tell us in their own words!

(I thought you just looked young from all that healthy Black Forest living!)


There are some fun things coming out. LG’s passthrough monitor sound looks like a great addition to a tablet/laptop device.
The biggest thing I’ve been waiting for from a computer/tech stand point is for OLED to get to the point where it is a flexible translucent (fairly, I’m not expecting clear) display when off.
I know neither of these are specific to EVE-Tech but incorporating them into something other people are looking for is a thought. I like the flexibility of having all the ports needed with the utility to be able to go all day and the ability to move around. I haven’t received my V yet but people are happy with them and it does a fairly good job fitting that bill.
I’ll continue to think on this and improvements/new concepts.


My answer is simple - V2.

  • quad front speakers
  • i7 8th with much more house power
  • smaller border on screen
  • real audio Jack DAC
  • chance to decide: same keyboard as with V1 (but better quality) or hard one with battery/gpu 2gb like surface book, can be used without kickstand with hard one.
  • if there will be a kickstand it should has no sharp edges. I cut myself twice.
  • as a GIFT for community for all problems there should be a upgrade program to V2.

That is what I need. More horses on cpu&gpu and better audio.


Have you seen this LG Display Turns TV Panels, PC Screens Into Rich Sound Systems | PCMag ? I think this would be a better option than integrated speakers. They did have a laptop at CES that was using this tech so there are possibilities.


I havent heard them live do it is hard to decide. It is new technology so I believe it is quite expensive.


True but at this point we are in a design phase for a new device and the production timeframe could be a ways off.

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Soooo if not v2 then keyboard to V. With build in GPU, small one, maybe battery. Good keyboard that will not scratch screen.


I would also love a V2 of the Eve V, and I’d like it to be artist/photographer-centric

Proposed Changes:
CPU/GPU change: Qualcomm 8cx CPU
Max Memory bump to 32GB RAM
Display support 100% AdobeRGB color gamut
Display factory calibrated without requiring Calman client application
Larger Display with same chassis size, or slimmer bezels (bezels no bigger than the new 12.9" iPad Pros)
Chassis with straight edges so that USB-C cables actually stay plugged in
Full-size SD card slot
Better speakers/subwoofers that are competitive with the new 12.9" iPad Pros
Fingerprint sensor that actually works reliably and fast
Lighter weight for Tablet portion (2.0lbs to something less than 1.7lbs), yet retain similar battery life
LTE connectivity


I don’t think a V2 should be the main priority right now - there are other venues and it’d feel bad for all the people who got a V right bow.

Something like a notebook or headphones are my favored products but I’m interested to see what the community goes with! I’m in for the ride (and as some can see not as an employee of Eve anymore :wink: )


Well, I’ve had my V for about a year now , and pledged for it back November 2016. IMHO, I think it’s time for a refresh :slight_smile: There are many improvements that can be made and I’d be very stoked and excited if there was a V2 by end of 2019 to address the current weaknesses of the current V which by 2018 standards isn’t very current anymore :frowning:

I imagine the Eve V line is a line Eve will want to continue to invest in and improve!


Welcome to PCH International in Eve family!

The storm dissipates little by little, hoping that all the V missing defects will be shipped, that the refunds will be made and that things can finally move forward. J

I’m happy for you Eve Tech!


I’m not saying there should be another V, but if there ever is a V version 2 making it lighter should definitely be a priority. Don’t know how they could do it, but every gram shaved off the tablet would make it easier and more effortless to use.

Not sure about a notebook, but being light and portable it might fit with the general concept of the V. Is there a gap in the current notebook market that isn’t being filled? For me the problem with tablets was that they tend to be too small and not have enough ports. The V filled both of those needs and by also being a 2 In 1 it opened up new usage possibilities I’d never considered. Maybe there’s a similar deficiency with notebooks that’s ripe for innovation.

EDIT: That “Crystal Sound” technology is like science fiction. Even in the YouTube video it was easy to hear the difference between it and regular speakers. Amazing! But like Artur_Jedrzejewski said it’s brand new technology and probably costs a lot.


An important question.
What does @eve-tech want to do?
We can come up with all the best ideas in the world but if EVE-Tech doesn’t want to do it then no one is getting anywhere. So what are some criteria that @eve-tech has? What do you guys want to work on? I’m not looking for a specific product as I don’t think you guys have something specific in mind but some general criteria that we can all work towards (are headphones of interest? is the ultimate keyboard accessory for 2 in 1s a concept [difficult as there are no standards right now]? would you want to make a phone? are 2 in 1s still a passion?).

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That one sounds great

An upgrade version of the KB would be pretty, which:

  • Built in higher quality (At least no screen scratches)
  • Get BT 5.0, faster speed and better power efficiency
  • Lighter weight or more feature build in like extra storage e.g brydge

As far as I understood the survey, they are really open to anything (from home appliances over smartphones to cars). We should just tell them what WE want. I’m sure there will more steps follow this first survey. It’s a long way to a certain device whatever this would be. I would like to have a combination of a refrigerator and a microwave which can drive me to McDonalds and call the pizza delivery service at the same time… (fkn hell, my stomach flu drives me crazy…)


Yeah, this is just the first baby step. For Eve’s process to work they need as much input as possible, because the crowd isn’t wise until there really is a crowd. Hundreds of people contributing their input, maybe even more.