The monitor does not turn on when I update it to 105

Hello, good, I just updated the monitor to version 105 and it’s dead, it doesn’t turn on, does anyone know what I should do?
I’ve tried everything already, leave it 10 minutes without power, without any cables, and nothing turns on

turn off monitor then unplug monitor power cord. after that turn off your pc completely. after completing those steps. wait a few seconds then turn pc on then re-plug your monitor power cord in and turn your monitor on. you should have everything back up.

  • make sure the cable you were using to update it stays in before doing all this. just in case the monitor needs to redo or finish the update process.

it still doesn’t turn on

When it was downloaded to the computer, I removed the power cable and it no longer carried out the download process or turned on again.

I already solved it after an hour and a half to power on and was able to update all the updates, from 104 to 106 in that order, and now it works correctly.
Thanks for the help.