The microsoft surface pro 2017 suffer excessive backlight bleed

I found in the article of : " Complaints growing regarding excessive backlight bleed on Surface Pro 2017 - News " that the new surface pro 2017 has a problem for they screen.
Exactly the problem such as the screen’s batch from the previous screen’s supplier for the V’s screen.
I hope that the Sharp’s screen will not have the backlight bleed issue.


I’m silently laughing to myself that Microsoft didn’t catch this issue and Eve did :joy::joy::joy:


Our issue was discoloration though, not backlight bleed. At least not in the first batch. The second batch had a variety of quality issues though, including (but not limited to) uneven backlight…


I did not remember that it was not the backlight bleed for the first batch and also the second batch, my bad.

I genuinely thought they were essentially the same issue. But I won’t pretend to be an expert in digital displays.

Worse, they are now deleting the evidence


Backlight bleed is caused by differences in the distance between the backlight layer and the LCD layer of a display. Often, since the layers are held together along the edges, the edges will get more direct light to the point where it ‘bleeds through’ even when the display is supposed to be black (the LCD layer ideally should block all the light coming from the backlight module). It’s a very common thing with panels based on IPS technology, though much less common in grade A quality panels.

It’s a bit like pixel defects: when you’re creating thousands of panels, it’s inherent to the technology and bound to happen. It’s not bad or malicious, but we just don’t want to see it in displays used in premium devices.

The discoloration we experienced with the first batch was not something inherent to LCD technology, these were simply bad displays…


Ah. I thought the pictures were showing that the screen had damaged colour. That the lighter blue area at the bottom was because of the pixels burning out and not being able to produce clear representations of colour. I didn’t realise it’s lighter because there is literally more light on that area from a separate component. But thank you for the education all the same :grinning:

Backlight bleed was very common among the Surface Pro 4 when it first came out. I played around with several units and found them all to have backlight bleed to varying degrees.

The Surface 3 (non-pro edition) did not have backlight bleed, but people did report that over time their screens would become yellow. (Covered somewhat in the forums at

Funny that Microsoft is deleting the evidence on their forums though. That’s a new one. :slight_smile:

That thread is an interesting read. It’s a good reminder of how difficult it is to make a premium device with high quality. I’m appreciating how hard the Eve team is working to get the screen right.


It’s literally all over the r/Surface subreddit. People are posting left-right-and-centre trying to figure out how to get a unit without it, because for some it seems nearly impossible to get a unit without backlight bleeding.

It looks to be a major QC issue.

It is really sad to see the issues that don’t seem to stop popping up with Surface lines. MS needs to get their crap together and give the boot to whose execs and managers who keep dropping the ball year after year. It is a shame that in flagship devices where they have intimate control over hardware and ecosystem they keep failing and innovation of the past two years ain’t worth the paper they print it on!

Not so surprising at all, after all the only premium thing on the surface is the price and the pr.

and it is not only the backlight bleeding… There is another issue with the Surface pro (5.Gen.) It is just shutting completely down sometimes (users reported that they can’t specify the problem with any usage behavior).

I was just messing with one in store. This particular one’s backlight issue was very minimal at best–definitely not like the other pictures that are circulating. On the desktop it was not noticeable at all. I had to go to the lock screen with a solid background to see any signs. I’m curious how much variance there is in this issue.

That problem was fixed I think a week ago through a software update.