The Mechanical Keyboard Thread

Hey there community!

This post is here for me to seek out Mechanical Keyboard Fans like me, and with that said, I’ll start with introducing my daily clacker for my devices!

This is the JD40 with the 2-plate sand-blasted stainless-steel kit from 1upkeyboards with 78g Zealios with the DSA Granite Keycap set!

Post your daily clacker here now!

(Hey Eve, maybe we can see a Crowdfunded Eve Mechanical Keyboard? :sweat_smile::wink:, one can always hope)


It probably has less keys than a phone onscreen keyboard


That’s some strange ordering of Ctrl/Alt/Cmd/Shift, on both sides. And the Menu key looks out of place. Looks very compact and functional, though (once you get used to the locations of the modifier keys).

I’m just running a stock Logitech G710+ at home: Cherry MX Brown with rubber dampener rings. And at work an old Apple USB Keyboard. Because numpad.


It’s a 40% Keyboard, so everything are in the function layers. For comparison, the Gboard keyboard on my iPhone has 33 keys, while the JD40 has, well, 40.

The keycap icons does not actually reflect the actual function of the key because of compability issues. The actual layout om the bottom row is: Ctrl Win Function Space Alt Delete

That makes it even more confusing :slight_smile:


You want confusing? There are actually two function layers (It can have 7) on this keyboard to reach all the other keys (you know, hyphens, slashes, etc) :joy: And since the keycaps do not show which is which, I have to remember them all, luckily It is fully programmable

Shout out to those who only have laptops! :stuck_out_tongue: do you still want to see my keyboard? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sure! This is why this post is here after all XD



That is some nice fancy clack you got there :slight_smile:

I’m currently rocking a stock K70 RGB with MX Browns - I wanted to go custom keycaps quite a while ago but the non-regular bottom row makes it super hard to find fitting caps :frowning:

But I hope to go with a SABER68 (previously TADA68) soon with some nice MOD tactile switches :slight_smile:


Currently on my 80% WASD with MX Reds! Much nicer than typing on a laptop keyboard.


I was just about to buy a WASD when the G710+ was announced. Figured it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but pretty close, so I was able to save some money…

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I know right :blush: :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Choice! never used MOD switches but I hear good things! :smile:

How does MX Reds feel to you? They always feel too mushy to me. Also, yes it’s so much better to type on a mechanical keyboard than your laptop (Fact: I do bring my keyboard with me in my bag because it’s so small :wink:)

Here is the reason people might find me complaining about odd things about keyboards (warning, the full res is more than 8k):

I love it to bits.

While trying to get a good photo (not too happy with my lighting conditions, but it would be a hassle to move it), I realised just how in need of a cleaning it is.


What is with the missing keys?

I removed them to avoid accidentally pressing them. It’s wonderful not to hit caps lock, right windows, insert and print screen all the time.



I use one of these as my keyboard at home. It’s alright, but I don’t like the so-called “chicklet-style” keys. I’ve since learned I much prefer mechanical keyboards. Luckily, they let me use one of those at work. :wink:

I’ve also got one of these with my old Lumia 2520 tablet, but it doesn’t get used much anymore:

Hey! Just a tip, based on the haloing in the photo, I’d say your lens is actually dirty/fogged. Polishing that up should greatly improve your photo quality.