The ideal mouse for the V

Hi everyone , since it won’t take long (hopefully) until my V arrives, I am think about buying a mouse as portable and useful as V and I guess that I’m not the only one and it can be a possible future project for this.

I firstly came across with the Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse since It has a advantageous shape which makes it portable. However I am not so keen on the ergonomic side of it or the speed for browsing stuff.

Another great one it’s Microsoft Wedge yet it looks pretty painful for long duties. Moreover I would say that it pointless to try to play games with it.

I would appreciate any other alternatives for these mouses !

I really enjoy the Logitech mx anywhere 2. Good price, works great, great battery. Everything I need and I take it with me to school everyday

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Kensington Expert Mouse Wireless Trackball
(it’s a trackball, ignore the inane naming)

My criteria:

  1. Bluetooth (I don’t want to plug in another USB-transceiver)
  2. Thin (fits in the laptop sleeve)

My December Flash Sale V is still in the making, but for my current laptop, I am very pleased with this: Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse which is available through various sellers at eBay.

That’s somehow cheap but it looks decent . I’m also waiting for my 4 dec FS. Are you satisfied with the battery, dpi does it have a good range (>5m) and it the surface sensor works on most surfaces?
Thanks for the advice , I think that’s what I am going to look forward to buy.

I’m using MS Surface Arc Mouse and I’m happy with it.


Take a look at the Lenovo Yoga Mouse and Lenovo N700 Mouse. They are optimized for travel. Both use a swivel mechanism allowing for flat storage, Bluetooth 4 and an USB adapter for 2.4Ghz wireless connection.

They double as presenters, the N700 even has a laser pointer.

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Does a ideal mouse for the V even exist :thinking:

The ideal mouse covering the specific needs of a user: reasonable sure.

My personal under 10$ take (very satisfying):

Thanks @Thomas_Weinert, I have chosen Lenovo as the n700 mouse is a 2 in 1 great for presentations and with great compatibility (both Bluetooth and usb stick wirelessly).

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Boom! This is what I as a teacher have been looking for fire quite a while.
That truly is the solution to one of my most annoying problem.
Thank you sooooo much.

Lenovo has new version of presentation mouse:

I will soon get my V (yeahhh) and I will use the tiny Swiftpoint GT. Swiftpoint ProPoint: Ergonomic Wireless Mouse and Presentation Clicker
Takes some hours to get used to it, but now I don’t want to use conventional ones.

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HMM , I’ve looked over the amazon website but I think it is the same as the lenovo n700. I hope I haven’t made a bad 1 hour ago purchase :joy:.

It should be a newer model.

It has more portions when its in presenter mode:
Play/ pause, and volume up and down buttons.
Sounds interesting but do I need it in my job and is it worth the 12€ extra? Would you have?

I’m going to get it in 3-4 days , I can make a short review about it if needed


Logitech MX Anywhere 2 for me. Can’t use the Surface Arc mouse, I’m one of those claw type mouse users and the Arc cramps up my whole hand. Also logitech mice are legendary for durability.

That is not a new version but on of the models I mentioned. :slight_smile:

  • The N700 has AAA batteries and a laser pointer, uses the mouse buttons for navigation.
  • The Yoga has an internal battery and uses hidden buttons on the bottom side for navigation and media control.

This is the mouse that I will be using. Not because it is good, in fact it is rather uncomfortable to use, but because it is flat, packs easy and is cheap.