The Good, and the maybe not so good

In the interest of being fair and balanced, I thought I would follow the review of my buying experience with what’s happened after the sale. In short, it’s been a mixed bag, not terrible, but okay with the potential to turn ugly.

The first issue I experienced with my V had more to do with the charger than the unit itself. My “wall wart” was humming or buzzing whenever it was under load charging my V. It was loud enough that it would get my attention in a quiet room, and from what I read online, I was not alone in this. So, I contacted customer service and asked if it was normal. As they had done before, they got back to me within 24 hours, which always impresses me. They told me that although it was not an issue, they were going to send me a new charger for free. And, true to their word, they did and the new unit doesn’t buzz, so good experience that time around. Now, the not so good…

After a week or so, I was working on my V with a light source behind me. There was some glare on the screen that looked like a smudge or particle. I tried to wipe it 20191202_131058 20191203_094428 off, but I just could not clean it. On closer inspection, it appeared to be behind the glass, which would be a manufacturing defect, so I did a search in the forums and came across a number of people with a similar issue. Turns out that it’s the anti-glare coating coming off the screen, or at least that’s what I thought. So, once again I contact customer support and sent them photos of the issue and asked them what could be done about it. I totally expected to get a quick response as I had every time up this point, but so far nothing. It’s been a few weeks now, and they haven’t acknowledged my problem. Moreover, I don’t even think they’ve read my email, because my mail server notifies me when a message is opened, and it’s still sitting in some inbox.

So, it’s not all candy and puppy dogs over here. I love the V, but I’m disappointed that the screen is losing the coating after a week. Even at the sale price that’s still annoying. For my part, I’ve ordered a glass screen protector, which is something I’ve never had to do for my Surface Pro 4, which still looks new after several years of use, unlike the V which is starting to show wear after a few weeks of light usage.

And you guys were doing so much better Eve! Step up your game!


Well, after three or four emails, customer support got back to me and their response was disappointing. As has been the case for others, they told me the issue was due to something rubbing on the screen when the keyboard is closed, but that a screen protector might help. I don’t know about anyone else, but to me, if something starts to wear out after only a week of usage, that’s not normal, that’s a defect. I’ve had a Surface Pro 4 for years and despite having traveled extensively with it, there are NO signs of wear on the screen whatsoever.

Oh well, at least I got a response and caught the issue before it got too bad. Live and learn.


I got another email from customer service regarding my screen issue. According to them, the early problem with the anti-glare coating flaking off should not be effecting recently manufactured units. However, they are forwarding the photos of my screen to the manufacturer to see how they would like to proceed. Apparently, the final decision rests with the factory, so we’ll see how this goes.


Yet another email from Eve customer services, this time telling me that they are still waiting to hear from the factory regarding my screen issue. On the one hand, I’m a bit disappointed it’s taking so long. On the other, I’m happy that at least they’re keeping me in the loop. Stay tuned…


Yep. The classic screen coating rubbing off scenario. It’s a terrible weakness on an otherwise great display. Mine did the same thing, as did most (if not all) everyone else’s. That sucks you’re not getting a response. Its a real issue that I suspect there’s no cure for so I doubt it will matter what they say. I would juat put your new protector on it and forget it ever happened. Lame, I know, but it’s not worth getting worked up over.

The good news is that once you put your screen protector on you won’t be able to see that spot anymore…at least that was the case for me. When I noticed it happening to mine I put the included screen protector on. Eventually, I ordered a Brotect film and put that on. When I pulled my OEM film off the screen looked the same as when I put it on…no further issues with the coating coming off and the display still looks great.

It’s like the loose USB-C port issue. If you can overcome it with a new cable it’s just not worth the hassle of trying to get a repair or exchange.


On the coating issue, you’ll see the thread I created here:

There are two solutions:

  1. Put something between the keyboard and screen when you close the V
  2. Add a screen protector as @Smyler316 suggests

The problem with (2) is that a screen protector removes all the benefits of the anti-reflective coating (which is why you don’t see the scratches with the protector on). Because I find the coating makes quite a difference for reducing reflections, I do the first option. I did suggest to Eve that they warn new customers about the issue when they receive their Vs, but they ignored that. They typically blame the issue on “dust” (perhaps we need to only use our Vs in a clean room :slight_smile: ).


I appreciate the advice. Luckily I only have that one spot so far, but I’m not taking any chances. I ordered the Brotect film too, so hopefully that’ll be the end of it. I’m really just disappointed in their recent communication after having been so responsive up to this point.

Oh well…


Your thread was how I found out what was really happening to my screen. It was extremely helpful, so thanks for that.

I open and close my V regularly (as I have with my SP4 for years without issue), so adding fabric between the keyboard and screen won’t be practical for me in the long run. Hopefully the Brotect protector won’t make the glare issue worse, but only time will tell. I appreciate your help!


The SP4 does not have anti-glare coating…

So you think it’s okay that the V’s anti-glare coating flakes off after a week?

Well okay then, your response has been duly noted.

no I do not think it’s ok that “the V’s anti-glare coating flakes off after a week”, definitely not! Just pointing out that the SP4 CAN NOT have this issue… so there is no comparison…
now if you compare it to a device that DOES have anti-glare coating which is not flaking off, now that would be a fair comparison.
[I do have such a device, but it is not a 2in1 but a “common” laptop; I cannot say that there is no problem with the coating…]


Okay, how about this…I’ve had my SP4 four years and there are still ZERO defects despite daily use. The V didn’t even make it to one week without an issue, which I think is a design flaw, particularly on a device with a touchscreen and a pen that you’re going to drag across it.


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:slight_smile: I guess, better. Every experience is different. I had the SP4 for 2 years and was annoyed with it from the beginning :smiley: . Not only the short battery life (around 3 hours? vs V more than 7 hours; side by each), also the sdcard reader quit working after some weeks and the Microsoft service was … uhm… a joke… And with only one USB A port left… well…

The V screen also was better wroking for me for some reason… :smiley: Brighter? I do not know.

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I actually posted some pictures on this forum of the V next to a Surface Pro to show the difference that the anti-reflective coating makes. That was in the days when I had faith in Eve and was happy to support the V. Things have changed, and I’ve since removed the pictures. But if you still have your Surface Pro, you can put the two next to each other and see the difference.

Here’s an interesting side-by-side comparison of the anti-glare of the V vs. the uncoated SP4. There is a window to the right of the desk, and whichever unit is closer has the worse glare/reflection. Although the reflection on the V is less, I don’t know 20191212_102223 20191212_102150 if it’s exponentially better than the SP4.

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I put a microfiber cloth over the screen before I close the keyboard, and it’s worked great for me. No scratches or worn spots on the screen after the better part of a year.

Yes, that’s a work around for sure, but I really feel like it’s something we shouldn’t have to do. Especially considering Eve’s assertion that my unit shouldn’t have this problem because the screen issues only effected early units. My screen protector should be here any day now.

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Well… to be fair, every laptop I’ve owned had the issue of the keyboard scratching the coating. I believe this is caused by some flexing on the body. With a thin keyboard like the V has, that’s easy to assume. But also high end laptops like HP Spectre, Dell XPS and Apple Macbook had this issue with me.

But, I’ll say not after 1 month/week. But that might just be (un)lucky

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Not trying to hijack the thread, but I’m also experiencing my own set of keyboard issues. I did start another topic but it was very rapidly moderated into oblivion.

After a year or so my V keyboard would randomly stop working. I had to wiggle the connectors and remove/reconnect it to get going again. It took many months of back and forth with the support team, and quickly became apparent the warranty for the keyboard wasn’t going to be honoured due to the change in company structure/ownership.

Anyway, I agreed to purchase a new keyboard (and they would also ship me a pen that was missing from the original order). This order then languished for months and months, although Cooper in support was really good about chasing things up for me.

So last week, the keyboard finally arrived! Yahoo! But when I lift it out of the box it has a very subtle curve in it. When I sit it on the V and close it up if doesn’t sit flush with the device. When testing it out on the table, it sort of flexes and bounces. It’s horrible. The older broken one is far better when it works.

But the best bit… when I connect it, the backlights come on but the V doesn’t recognise it as a known device. I only get a warning message (Unknown USB device - Device descriptor request failed). Despite trying a few times, I am unable to reflash the firmware with the upgrade tool. A support request has been made a few days ago, no response yet, and my Topic was moderated/deleted.

I love what Eve are trying to do, and I support them wholeheartedly. But they need to focus on the QC and respect the opinions of the community members and not wipe posts such as my own.




yes, even the Dell…

I had received a replacement just like that a few months ago. It no longer works either.

Me too :neutral_face:
Ended up with a cheapo usb keyboard.
It works ok for a good year now.

Well, with their fire sale about to run out of inventory, I have a feeling there will be no units left for anything. Nothing to fulfill old orders, no replacement stock, just… nothing.