The FPS display

Is the built in frame rate counter displaying the screen refresh rate or the actual realtime FPS of the, for example, a game I’m playing?

it displays both your screen and gameplay. if you are running a game it’ll track your gameplay fps.


How does it know I’m playing a game? :thinking::laughing:

lol depends if you are using g-sync, v-sync or vrr. g-sync on you should see your fps go up and down as you play your games. if v-sync is on in game settings it will match your monitor refresh rate.

As far as I know, displaying the actual dynamic VRR refresh rate is not yet implemented. @Lore_Wonder could probably provide an additional clarification though.


It has no way to know what the in game fps is unless gsync is changing the refresh rate to match. The monitor fps display can only show the hz the monitor is running at, which should “match” fps if gsync is working properly (although in practice it seems to jump all over the place for me, even when the game is running at a solid fps).