The Eve V journey from Wired

the Eve and V story plus community involvement. An interesting commentary that will please most community members who take a more strategic perspective


“A camel is just a horse designed by committee, after all.”


Also, it’s kind of strange to read a retrospective like this, after living through it all via the Community.


Just finished it. Nice! I was surprised by some things and nostalgic about others. All in all, it was a pleasure working with you, guys ^_____________^

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Great summary of our “issues” since the spring, along with how the company was founded, and other stuff that I didn’t know, having only joined AFTER the IndieGogo campaign.

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Very cool article, not just the usual blahblah stuff, though it could have been really a three times as long TL;DR story with even more details. But he manages to very well tell the story.