The Eve Dock: The Perfect Jetpack for the V

I had an idea for a kind of stand for the V, something that would let it charge, add additional ports and potentially provide more power or storage space.

So, it would have four main elements that would enhance user experience.

  1. Additional Connectivity: 3 USB 3.0 Type A ports, One LAN Port and a Power Jack (Not End User Serviceable)
  2. Additional Storage: Doing something like adding a 3.5" drive bay as well as a 2.5" bay would be really appealing for those of us with large media libraries (End User Serviceable and Not run over the Thunderbolt Connection)
    3: Additional GPU Power: Throwing an eGPU-style box plus the additional storage would be awesome (End User Serviceable)
    4: Looks: The way I imagine this thing is not just plugging the V into it over thuderbolt, you actually dock it, like an old school iPhone dock. This is made for both function and from. Ideally, you would be able to put the V into it and have it look totally natural. Kind of like this, but thicker

PS: I know the “dock” mechanism kind of kills being able to use the on-board screen, but in the box there would be a “TB3 Extension Cable” that could wire into the dock.


I would love to have your perspective on this! Leave me some feedback in the thread!


Give it a read;)
Many others would like something like what your are thinking about


Awesome! If I could get some kind of CAD file for the V I could get working on a mockup for my idea :slight_smile:

I believe there currently is no intention to share CAD files/drawings openly by Eve. This question came up multiple times already, but their focus is to finish the product first before starting/getting involved in accessory development (besides the sleeves that have been heavily asked by the community).

Further information here:

I’m sure, at some point in time down the road, someone will provide measurements (latest when the V is sold the -close to accurate- sizes should become known publicly).


Most of your requirement will be fulfilled by an eGPU dock like the Powercolor Devilbox or the Mantiz Venus. The are not classic push in docks but use a TB3 cable. That is the better solution imho. Look at the Surface (Pro) line. Each model needed a different docking station until they replaced it with the new brick dock.

If you want a docking solution I suggest combining an eGPU case with a VESA style dock (VESA ergonomic arm docking mount for Eve V?). That separates the technical requirement from the mechanical side and allows more flexibility. Like using a wall mount or a desk stand. Other might not need an eGPU, so they can just use the same dock if a simpler TB3 or USB-C dock.

For storage I would prefer using a NAS. Yes, some storage in the eGPU case is nice. You could put the games that need the GPU there. But if you store media files on a NAS, they will be accessible even if the EVE V is not docked.


A dock would be great if it also allowed for more display hooked up full SD card reader, eathernet port , Kingston lock and one esta port


Kensington lock would be hard, how would you attach the V to the dock then? ^^

They have a option they made

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But I do not think the Eve V has a Kensington lock…

Indeed it does not. No Kensington lock on the V. Luckily, its high portability means you’ll rarely have to leave it behind unattended :slight_smile:


Would love a good docking station for the v


You could use a lockable tablet mount to secure your device if needed (for example on a trade fair). As it is it is expected that you do not leave the device. Even if the V is secured - what is with the keyboard cover?

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This would be nice to see

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Here are some to get idea from if you want to make a dock

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Docking Station


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Alright, thank you all so much for your time! Ideally, I’d like to incorporate some form of basic NAS function into this box (Think WD My Cloud kind of thing) but also have it readable over USB while the V is docked. Does anyone know how to do this?