The Eve community now has a place on Reddit

Hello guys!

Just wanted to share a new subreddit, for those of you who do use Reddit, that is about the Eve V, T1, Community and the Eve Tech company in general.

We do not intend to compete with this community as, first off; we would never even manage to compete with something official, secondly; we are all friends. One big family. I just wanted to show you a different place to discuss stuff. I really hope somebody from the team sees this and joins our subreddit, as having real employees always makes it a great experience.

The subreddit is a few days old, but it only started to actually function today. Everything is described in the sticked post and if you have any questions; just contact me. I am the author of the sticked post.

So, thank you for your attention, and I hope to see you there. Seeing how /r/Surface evolved, having a similar community dedicated towards the Eve brand would be amazing.

You can find the subreddit here:


Having a (unofficial) subreddit is really cool :slight_smile:

I hesitated to make an official subreddit for Eve as it’d compete with the MMO & also I didn’t want to split up the community. But it’s nice to see someone create an inofficial subreddit :slight_smile:


Yeah the MMO game will most probably be the top sub of these two. But well. Not much I could do about that.

Also, I don’t feel like this would split the community up. People who are interested in a classic forum, will be active here, and those who are hardcore redditors would like a subreddit. Then there is this hybrid type that does both :wink:

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Hope one day we will surpass the MMO :wink:

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We will. We just have to believe :slight_smile: