The DJ from the Bay

Hey all,
Know there are plenty of creative folks out here using the V. Got mine two weeks ago, and still getting familiar with this layout. Look forward to communicating with you all!


Welcome to the community of nerds, nerdettes and all the other weird people…


Some ground rules you need to be aware of:

if a Jan says hello, be sure to inquire as to his nationality.

  • if said Jan is Swiss, we like this Jan, give him many likes.

  • if said Jan is Belgian, ignore him, don’t even say hello back (unless you’re Swiss Jan - in which case, proceed to publicly announce that you are not related to Belgian Jan). Remember: do not say hello to BelJan!

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Please leave instructions for non-Belgium 'Jan’s, having a V-Belgium keyboard.

I’m going to use mine to write novels in coffee shops. That’s the intent, although the reality is that thus far I have used it to edit xml files.