The dawn of EVE

Hiya! Deli.haru here, but please just call em Deli. I am joining you guys from San Diego, California. Just recently, I have taken quite an interest in computer hardware and the like. So when I found the Eve V, I was astonished to see how well-polished it seemed in comparison to some of the more pricey offerings from brands like Dell, HP, or even Microsoft. To make it even more impressive, the company was a SMALL STARTUP! Fast forward two months and one built computer, and here I am. Glad to be here! :grinning:


Great to have you here !!

Welcome to the community!!!

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole! The place we all dream of what can be and then try to see if it’s possible. I love the idea of engineering anything from Computer Systems to Hotrods. Improvise - Fabricate - Coordinate, my take on things is simple, if it is made by man, it can be made better… :smiley:
Look forward to reading your take on things!

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