The Coronavirus and Eve

Hi community,

This is not what we had in mind when we discussed viral marketing! Let’s talk about the coronavirus…

The outbreak

Few will have missed the fact that the world is currently preoccupied with the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that originated in Wuhan, China late last year. The Chinese authorities are investigating the coronavirus together with the World Health Organization, and measures have been taken by governments worldwide to prevent and reduce the spread of the virus.

Patients infected with the novel coronavirus have a fever (38°C or higher), as well as respiratory symptoms such as a cough and shortness of breath. This virus poses a much greater threat to our vulnerable populations like the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions. COVID-19 is transmitted from human to human, and the sicker a person becomes the more likely they are to spread the virus.

Our office

Luckily, none of our staff have been infected by COVID-19 so far. Even so, flu season is a thing even without the ongoing pandemic, and both our in-house designers are currently recovering from harsh flu. This has delayed the design process of the new V, but we’ll get back to that as soon as we can!

Some of our people already worked remotely from home at all times, including the community team and others. For the health and safety of our team and and the other companies that share our office space, now most of our staff does. Luckily thanks to modern technology many tasks can still be completed despite this separation.

One area that does affect us are the travel restrictions that are in place in Finland and across the world. Being unable to meet and work closely with some of our partners makes it harder to oversee product development.

Partners in China

Though our manufacturing partner for Spectrum is based in Suzhou, quite near Wuhan where the virus originated, as far as we know none of the people we work with are personally affected by the disease. Even so, there are indirect consequences from the measures taken to limit the spread of the virus. Being one of the first countries affected by the outbreak, many Chinese citizens were restricted to their homes which delayed or prevented their return to work after the Chinese new year. This made communication with our partners hard, as offices were shut down or understaffed, and engineers weren’t yet back on site.

Factories and offices are gradually resuming their operations, though engineering- and manufacturing capacity are still scarce. Manufacturers are dropping non-essential products from their roadmaps and are dedicating what resources are available to the completion of key projects.

Of course our preference would be to complete development earlier rather than later, but our schedule for the development of Spectrum and the new V leave enough room for delays that at this time we are not running into problems with our timelines.

Where we did run into issues was the shipping of our existing products. With no staff working logistics and fewer ships and planes available, shipping has been a challenge. After a period of no deliveries, our shipping capacity has been steadily increasing and we are back to normal levels.

What you can do

To protect yourself and the people around you it is recommended that you regularly wash your hands with soap for at least twenty seconds. Use paper tissues when coughing or sneezing and toss them away immediately after use, or use the inside of your elbow. Other recommendations include foregoing handshakes, keeping distance from other people and avoiding social contact that is not strictly necessary. If you show symptoms of the common cold or flu stay at home, and if you feel you may be infected, call your doctor for advice.

We think it is important to stay informed, and wanted to provide a background to the rest of this announcement. That said, we are a technology company, not health professionals. We recommend following advice from medical experts, and staying up-to-date through official sources including the World Health Organization for information about the disease and your local government for information about measures that apply in your area.

What we can do

We will have discussions about the new V’s specs soon, and as soon as our design team has recovered we’ll have much more in-depth designs to show. We can’t wait to hear your feedback! As soon as travel to China is an option once more, we will be able to meet up with our engineering team and provide new information about the electrical design and prototyping.

We wish everyone affected by the coronavirus a swift recovery to good health. Luckily, the virus does not interfere with participating in crowd-development, so feel free to use your time in quarantine to share your thoughts on Spectrum and the new V!


Local government information sources

As mentioned in the update, we recommend getting your information from your local authorities and healthcare professionals. Many of these have web pages dedicated to keeping you informed about the situation worldwide as well as what measures your local government has taken that you may need to be aware of. These institutions are generally well-informed and neutral in their reporting.

For example, here in the Netherlands the pandemic is being covered by het RIVM (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu) (the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment).

Who has been assigned to keep your country informed? Share a link, and we’ll crowd-develop a list of places that people around the world can go to for information!

Making it through

As someone who works from home full-time, I haven’t noticed much change yet in my personal life. Though my colleagues have to get used to not seeing each other at the office, it’s work as usual for me.

I can’t go to the gym and a concert I’d wanted to attend got cancelled. With restaurants around the country closed, it’ll be a while before my birthday dinner happens. None of that is particularly life-changing. My heart goes out to friends and loved ones who are hit by this much harder than I. I’d visit to give them a hug, but… you know, social distancing and all…

So for now it’s work as normal for me. But I did just finally replace my ten-year-old gaming PC, so I’ve got plenty to keep me entertained in between!

How are you making it through the quarantine? Are you finally binge-watching that one Netflix series? Doing work around the house you’d been putting off? Building a castle out of toilet paper?

How is technology helping you through these dark times? Show us your set-up!


thanks for the updates :wink:
I am in California,not near L.A. or S.F., but near the desert :wink: so we can still go out and about. Restaurants get closed little by little and other gathering places, too.
Schools are totally closed now.

I am a little worried about the “market” in general, world-economy. How big will the impact be? will there be a shortage in pensions etc? … only time will tell… :thinking:

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Stay safe here everyone.

Put on the mask :mask: and wash your hands frequently :palms_up_together:

Though still longing for more info for the new Eve V. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hope this unprecedented crisis can be overcome soon.
I am in China and cannot return to New Zealand due to NZ’s travel ban. Fortunately it is safe to stay here as many cities in China have cleared all infected patients. People are getting back to work.

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Thanks for the updates and stay safe.
I live in the south east of Italy and here things are a little better than in the north that is mostly red zoned.

It’s ten days that I leave my home only to buy food, no gym or hanging around and I have to keep an eye on my parents and be sure they have what they need since me and my brothers insist they don’t leave their home.

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The UK equally has bad numbers because we’re not testing enough here. The real numbers are likely ten times worse.

However as long as we all practice good hygiene and behave sensibly then we can overcome this.


Personally here in the U.S. I believe it’s way overblown, like we’ve never had a really bad virus before. They say from this past weekend that we have to quarantine everybody everywhere. The virus has already been out 3 weeks. Like locking the gate after the horse is out. Every school district around me has shutdown and they start my son’s high school class online Monday for an unknown future time span. Food has to be sold limited because of hoarding. It’s like Y2K all over again. Hospitals here turn you away and tell you to come back in 10 days if you have symptoms still because everytime someone sneezes,the start screaming “corona virus” and hospitals can’t treat real patience. My friend has the receptionist wear rubber gloves and wipe off envelopes with wet wipes. My country has lost its f’ing mind! Almost the entire country is shutting down for an overhyped virus because are too stupid to learn the real facts and what to do. But look who we vote for over the last decades and it will tell you or stupidity.
I would just like my V1 order to show up on the website so at least there might be some idea when it will ship. I know everyone at Eve is trying, but I have no computer to work on (which is no one else’s problem but mine I know) except my old win7 pro, that won’t run the new tax software (must be win10). And I’m also saving my money for 2, maybe 3, Spectrums. Anyway, I hope everyone is healthy.

Over here in Holland there are more shops and businesses closing every day. Even now they are on their way back in China, they are still a long way from a complete functioning economy and industry, so I can imagine this still has a huge impact on EVE as a company. Still I would like to ask a question. I have send a message to support 2 weeks ago but still now answer. Has this also something to do with the current situation? In the message I was asking about the availabillty of the V keyboard. I broke my keyboard a few weeks ago and would really like to order a new one.

My EVE V still rocks tough (just a little bit less without the keyboad now :frowning:), hope you can keep up the good work in these terrible times!

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The hoarding and binge buying has been crazy! Let’s all rush into a store with a bunch of other people while there’s a highly communicable virus on the loose. :man_facepalming:

I wouldn’t call the virus overhyped though. It’s overhyped by the people who are panicking but it aside from that it certainly merits caution.

  • We don’t have a vaccine so there’s no way to actually stop it. I believe Japan has reported a case of a reinfection.

  • The system can’t adjust quickly to a new virus like it can to a bad flu season. We need more data, production of PPE items for medical workers has to be increased, the medical system has take extra precautions to prevent spead of Covid-19 which means more extra costs and slow downs. We need to buy time while the system adjusts and a vaccine is being formulated.

  • Between amount of people who think it’s no big deal and aren’t being careful and those who are acting like it’s the end of the world the government doesn’t have much choice other than to step in and take serious action to stop the spread. They’re just reacting to the situation that exists.

  • If the people who take care of us get sick then they can’t staff the hospitals, many of which are already understaffed. If care givers for the elderly get Covid-19 our grandparents won’t get taken care of. Imagine what it would be like in an care facility full of dementia patients that is rapidly losing staff.


Whilst I like some here didn’t appreciate the severity of this initially, I am now very concerned. This is because of the speed of infection and burden it is placing on our healthcare system. In isolation it can be treated (with ventilators) but there are too many sick and the hospitals are full already and here in the UK we are not at the peak of this yet.

I have a friend who works in the intensive care unit and two days ago had to choose who to the last ventilator to between a 50 yr old and two 30 yr olds :frowning:

This is pretty damn scary now…