The Chicago Cubs Win!

I do not know who would like this, but the Chicago Cubs won in a crazy game 7. I just wanted to see who else is happy about this. Or are you sad about the Cleveland Indians loosing? Back to the Future was close to being right (they were off by a year) Let discuss this here.


Not much of a baseball person myself. We don’t really have it so heavy here in Europe. Unlike NBA, NFL and NHL which are big.

I am happy for all the athletes who win. Was it Chicago that had some curse?


Not really a curse, but they have not won since 1908. Cubs have not been in the world series since the 1940’s. They always came short. I think you are thinking of the curse of the Bambino, which is where Babe Ruth was sold to the New York Yankee from the Boston Red Sox and Boston did not win a world series from 1918 to 2004.

That game was nuts! As a Canadian I couldn’t conscionably cheer for Cleveland because the knocked the Blue Jays out, so we were cheering hard for the Cubs. Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions.

Bill Murray looked so happy, haha.

It was a crazy game and I was surprised that Cleveland was able to tie it up in the end. It was one of the better game 7 out their. The world series could have easily could have gone to either Chicago or Cleveland. It came down to who ever could score and keep the other team from scoring.