The Biggest Eve Meetup (Yet ;P)

Hello everyone,
All these plans of meetups are making me jealous. How am I supposed to join you guys when I’m in another continent?!?!

So, here’s my proposed solution: A meetup of massive proportions, planned months in advance, so that everyone will be able to make it.
It’d be an amazing experience for us to connect with the Eve team, bond together and learn a lot in general. I’d suggest LAN parties too :wink:
Perhaps, we could have an Eve merchandise giveaway, like the shirt @Konstantinos was wearing at the NY meet. :smile:

Since everything that goes on around here is community-driven, let’s work out a suitable location and date for everyone.
I personally think Eve’s HQ at Helsinki is the perfect place for this grand event.
Haven’t been to Europe, so Finland would be a nice start for me.
EDIT: After taking a look at some pictures off Google, Helsinki looks absolutely stunning :heart_eyes:
A dream compared to the scorching heat I’m dealing with in India.

After getting sufficient suggestions, I’ll put up a poll.
And guys, I can totally understand that you’d pick your town/city for this event over other places, but think of the community!
Be selfless and choose responsibly.
Let the discussions begin!


Yes Helsinki is indeed the best place for this (as I live there) :sunglasses:


Great idea Antony! Would love to attend a massive eve meetup in Finland!


What about Paris? It’s absolutely beautiful :heart_eyes: and near the center of Europe so closer to everyone (sorry, we can’t make it close for the whole globe, but at least Europeans :smiley: )


What about London…:wink:


Where in India are you based out of, I am from Bangalore. If possible and generate more interest we can always have a small meet up here.

Too expensive. :yum:

What about Budapest? It’s like Little Paris (btw. their western main trainstation is designed by Gustave Eiffel) and far more affordable. But I’m fine with Helsinki, too. Been there in January. And it was damn cold swimming in a lake at -20°C. Maybe I shoud try during summer?

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Sounds nice :slight_smile: Never been there really, I think I would like to pay a visit :slight_smile:

Studying at NIT Trichy in Tamil Nadu . I’d love to meet you. :smile:

Munich is also quite centrally located in Europe and it’s a beautiful city :slight_smile:


Why don’t we do a poll about (if you are interested) “which city would you prefer between 8 or more choices ?”
And which period of the year better fits your programs.

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Would be nice, as I’ve always wanted to visit Europe, but definitely out of my price range for the next few years.

You absolutely rigth to organize the meet up in Paris, France. I live there and you are right it is beautiful.

On the other hand, they say Paris and the rest of France are two completely different things :smile:
Oh, and I think if you come there for just 1-2 days it might be cheaper than anywhere else in Europe… Since it’s a popular tourist destination, there’s a lot of competition between flight firms and they often have discounts :slight_smile:

Pauliunas you disappoint me…You are Lithuanian…and you tell me Paris is near the centre of Europe?

…and Miri…Múnich? Really

Look again boys, the geographical centre of Europe is actually in your backyard Pauliunas…it’s only few km away from Vilnius!

Helsinki sounds fab to me!


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North Pole (Canada, Toronto) Please :slight_smile:



haha. the irony of that is that Calgary might be the best thing about Alberta! lol

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This is a song from Deadmonton …

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@Konstantinos @Mike @riku @iKirin
What do you guys think?
I think Helsinki would be super convenient for you guys.

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