Text looks horrible on Windows 10

Hi everyone, the monitor looks pretty great on Xbox Series X, but on Windows 10 it looks meh. I cant get the colors to look great, cant get the color tempurature to look good. The worst issue is the system font, such as desktop icons and the windows explorer, it looks like the fonts are sort of yellow looking and unclear. Ive even lowered my refresh rate to 120Hz (gtx 1070) so that it would have more bandwidth for 10 bit color, but it still just looks plain bad on text. Are there any quickstart guides for windows that will make this monitor look good? Thanks in advance.

Hey @salzar,

I recommend you contact our support team to help diagnose what’s causing this issue with the text on windows 10 you are currently experiencing.


If I could recommend you do a powercycle cycle (removing the power connector for 5-10 seconds) on your monitor and then load default in the OSD. This may help fix this issue.


You might need to run the Windows ClearType Calibration on the screen. It’s possible that it has a different pixel layout to whatever other screen you’ve been using, and that would cause the coloured glow around the text.


Hi, so I actually reduced my refresh rate to 60HZ and everything looks good. I’ve boiled it down to DSC causing issues with my GPU. I currently have an LGGN950B and I turned off DSC in the OSD menu and it work 4K 120HZ RGB with Full Output Dynamic Range. On the Spectrum theres no way to disable DSC so its defaulting to YCbCr422 4K 120Hz Limited Dynamic Range. Same GPU Displayport cable 1.4. Is this something theyre going to have to add in the firmware because its really annoying that this monitor isnt working the as good as my other even though on paper they are the same.

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Question: Have you used the nVidia Control Panel to force the settings you want displayed on the monitor? I think you have, because you mentioned the use of YCbCr422, but just checking.

For me, the monitor displays in 4K (3840 * 2160) with no issues in terms of resolution, but I had to enable 150% scaling in order to be able to read text at all. That, in and of itself, has caused side issues (completely unrelated to the Spectrum, as these scaling issues occur even without the spectrum in place if scaling is enabled). But the colors are washed out, and I had to force the output using the nVidia CP to get it looking nice on Windows 10 (and later 11).

In case you haven’t:

In Windows 10 and Windows 11 on my rig (GTX 970 on a modern rig built last year), on the nVidia CP, under Display --> Change resolution, under section 3, if I leave it on Use default color settings then the display looks extremely awful. I’ve had to force it to use NVIDIA color settings, telling it to use (in order:

Desktop color depth: Highest (32bit)
Output color depth: 8 bpc
Output color format: RGB
Output dynamic range: Full

These might not be optimal settings, it’s just what I’ve picked for daily use because it looks really nice, on Windows 11, and in games. Of course, Windows 11 also has an auto-HDR setting that helps tremendously, but even before, on Windows 10, going this route worked a lot better than letting the system (OS) determine things on its own.

Obviously, with your 1070 you’ll have more options to play with (I have no option to use 10 bit color at all, for one thing).

Also, as NZGeek states above - the other thing you might look at is the Cleartype utility built into Windows 10 and 11. I had to use it on Windows 10 the very first day I hooked up the Spectrum because the text was very odd looking. After using it, I’ve never had to use it again, and the text is 100x more readable, tested with both scaling 150% on and scaling turned off completely (although the text was tiny as heck, it was legible). To launch, just hit the start button and type Cleartype and it should pop up.

Finally, one more thing: Is the monitor already running the latest firmware?


That is exact what I tried to do, as it works with my LG monitor, but it’s still limiting me to the YCB 4:2:2 thing.
That’s interesting you go it to work with your 970, it should work just fine on my 1070. There’s no option to disable DSC on the Spectrum so it’s forcing it and causing my 1070 to output something it doesn’t support. Was there any settings you had to enable to get the full rgb? My monitor is on the latest firmware, I’m so curious as to how you got those options to unlock on your 970 in the nvidia control panel. Are you on 4K 120Hz?

When I simply swapped from DP to HDMI (generic), I was able to use RGB. And HDR. And actually get 4K native resolution to work (3840*2160). I’ve not tried going back to DP since then, because everything is working as expected, although I did buy a 5 pack of HDMI 2.1 certified cables to future proof (one of which is now connected to the Spectrum and my 970).

In discussion with other prototype testers, I see a need to re-visit this with both HDMI and DP cables, as I have a generic (non-certified) HDMI 2.0 cable, a certified HDMI 2.1 cable, and DP 1.2 and 1.2 cables (neither of which is VESA certified).

It will take some doing, as my 970 only has 1 each of HDMI, DP, DVI-I and DVI-A outputs, so I have to move cables around and such, but I’m going to try both DP 1.2 and DP 1.4 cables and see what happens.

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Which HDMI 2.1 cables did you go with?

On 1070, so I did DP 1.4. For my series x I just used the cable that came in the box.

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