Test your product design skills

So, a while back I tried to get a graduation intern job as a product designer. Having close to no 3D modeling skills I didn’t get it though. To bad and all. But before I gave up that and gone to the web UX route (which I’m working on at this moment) I had to get something to expand my portfolio. Thinking of new products can be quite difficult. So I decided to make it easier to start a project and commit my creative thoughts towards the actual design, instead of coming up with totally new products.

So I made a random generator to match companies and products.

The generator works quite easy. I have a list of products, and a list of companies. When you click on generate it will give you a random item of both lists. For example “Make a ‘Beer tap’ designed by ‘Microsoft’.”

Since there are so many creatives here which also like to design, I imagine at least one in here can profit from this as such.

So hereby, my link to the generator: http://random.tristanschaaf.nl/
And share the results (and your designs :slight_smile: )

Some notes:

Note 1: I never intended to publicly promote this tool though, so some bugs might occur. If that is the case, you can of course mention them to me and I’ll try to fix them.
Note 2: This was also part of me trying out some back-end programming. I’m a front-ender.
Note 3: My portfolio is only in dutch at the moment but here are some results I made:http://www.tristanschaaf.nl/portfolio/
Note 4: This is not intended as shameless self promotion. I wouldn’t gain anything with it anyway.


I first thought that the generator will generate a product that looks like it is designed by a certain company :smiley: now I understand the creativity others need to put in and am a bit less impressed by your skills (regarding the generator) :stuck_out_tongue: but I’m still looking forward to solutions! I can’t do that stuff at all :innocent:

Hehe, yeah sorry. You need to do the creative part yourself :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not that good of a developer


You can see my work in the notes

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As a design student, do you think im gonna go outtta my way to open up inventor and start making a “toothbrush by google”?

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I think you miss the point. I’ve posted this in case people wanted it, not because I need results.
So the answer is: Only if you think it’ll be fun.

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:sweat_smile:only if i made it easier for you to recognise sarcasm… its al BS(don’t think I’m demoralising you cause I’m not)


Sarcasm in text… It’s always. something. :stuck_out_tongue: :sweat_smile: