Terms & conditions questions relating to Dough!

Everyone who bought a V2 and Spectrum did so through a sales agreement between the customer and Eve Distribution Ltd, incorporated in Hong Kong.

Now there is no mention of this company in the Dough Web-site, and all new purchases are through a sales agreement between the customer and Dough GmbH, incorporated in Germany.

Given this, I have a few questions.

For those pre-dough customers, does the original agreement remain with Eve Distribution Ltd or will it be formally transferred to Dough GmbH?

Does Dough GmbH have a legal obligation to honor the sales agreement that was established with Eve Distribution Ltd (including delivering products, refunds, and warranties)?

Will the original Eve Distribution Ltd (incorporated in Hong Kong) be closed down?

If the purpose of the rebrand was because you needed a trademark that was accepted globally, why was it necessary to create an entirely new company in a different country (rather than just rename the existing company, or for Eve Distribution Ltd to hold the trademark for “Dough”)?


I will soon travel to Stuttgart. Then it’s just a small step to DOUGH GmbH in Dettingen unter Teck. The building at Kelterstr. 73 seems to be having several other tenants… Tax consultant, motorhome rental and a construction machinery trade…
I will take a look if its just a Mailbox Company or if I can meet some eve staff there baking cakes…


Hey @Phil Thank you for bringing this up! I will bring this up to the team as well and be able to provide you a better response later on.

To address honoring sales agreements (warranties, refunds and warranties) As stated in the topic, The company is the same, and we stay committed to all our current responsibilities, such as orders, support, warranty, and shipments.

As for preordered products, We will transfer the pre-order to the new DOUGH store.

Like I said though, let me get with the team and I will get back with you here :slight_smile:

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@Phil this is a very valid concern. Those of us that purchased EVE Vs beginning 12/2017 purchased through Fortress Tech Distribution LTD which later was claimed to have mismanaged funds, parts, and branding (ie owned/ran eve-tech.com maybe more??). This caused EVE to change to Eve Distribution Ltd and send all of us that purchased through the original eve-tech.com website an email stating as much. Giving us a form option to provide our billing/order information for what had not been received and EVE Devices would do what they could to help in the future. This was true for warranty work both in progress and promised as well.

Now again branding is changing to Dough GmbH, did EVE once again trust a foreign company to manage their affairs and is required to rebrand/change again?

@Konstantinos, you have been the head of this company since before my involvement in 2016. Do you have a state of the company to give us all?

Not the email we received but a reference to what had happened back then: We have an announcement to make!

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention @Phil:

Just to clarify the details in the previous response by @Aethal:

All sales are currently made through Eve Distribution LTD. As noted, there has been a mistake in company name in the T+Cs, which has since been rectified. We have multiple legal entities around the world for different purposes such as certifications, Vendor agreements, and employment, the company name previously mentioned, has nothing to do with the sales with Eve distribution.

I would just like to reemphasize that we are simply Rebranding (Changing our brand) for trademark purposes, and we are committed to delivering all outstanding orders. And for further understanding, all sales are done under Eve Distribution, and again just to reiterate, the brand name is now DOUGH not Eve.

In regard to those affected by Eve Tech’s distributor, our stand still applies; we will help when and where we can. You can find the details as previously announced here. We will help those eligible when we can.