Temporary Technology - Hardware Hell

While waiting for your V or a refund, what is your current portable set up?

I’m using a Surface 3, which is fine for note taking, but is really showing its age.
Most of the screen has issues, with big yellow/orange/purple patches, a huge patch with subpixels which can’t go properly dark, and some of these pixels which can’t go dark can’t even go bright properly anymore either.
It takes several seconds to switch to and from full screen on youtube.
The keyboard keys are much stiffer than I like, to the point where typing is inconvenient and typoes are frequent.
As I discovered when my desktop was out of action, the installers for the software I need to use for my university course cause it to crash. That’s right; the installer alone crashes the whole computer.
The touch screen calibration isn’t perfect, but usually good enough. The pen usually writes a few millimetres away from the actual pen tip. But, good enough to get by.
For the last week or so, I’ve had a BSOD almost every day. And on one of those days, after recovering from a BSOD, it completely lost power suddenly, then lost power again shortly after recovering from that.

Black%20screen Grey%20screen

(the yellow corners in the black-screen image are just to do with the viewing angle of the camera, and aren’t an issue in person. But the glowy bits and other yellow/purple/blue splodges are a real issue)

When I ordered the V, my Surface was 2 years old and I was looking forward to the upgrade to a more capable machine without the screen issues (which weren’t as bad back then). Now I really need a replacement.
But until Eve holds up their end of the transaction, I have no choice but to keep using it.

So what are you using? An old workhorse you planned to replace with a V, or something new which you bought while waiting?


And sorry for the phone camera screen pics. Discoloration doesn’t show up on screen shots, unless your screen is as bad as mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 here, use for 4 years. The condition is generally fine, but its battery and CPU is getting really old… of course it’s the time kill them.

After viewing lots big brands of 2-1 devices, finally I choose V mainly because of its screen and other amazing features in budget price.

Seldom play games so V’s 7th Y-CPU should work OK. In fact my Yoga even has 5th Y and it satisfies my work now.

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Have a look at its keyboard :woozy_face: But that is the only point you can reckon it is a long-time used device by eyes

lol. my old laptop is in worst condition.
chassis: clacked
screen: shatter only help on plastic sticky book cover film
battery: exploded
camera: 144p cause of plastic film
microphone: error

Hi Isaac

you have seen the new Lenovo?
[Lenovo Yoga Book C930 mit E-Ink-Display ausprobiert (Ifa 2018) - YouTube]

I have an i7 V and it’ works ok.
But I have a Surface 3 pro too :shushing_face:, simply because it never stopped working. The Surface still works flawlessly, the screen was replaced (hit a concrete floor).
The keyboard WP_20180102_20_01_13_Rich_LI%20(2) still worked, but, as you see did not inspire much confidence. It was replaced by a Brydge usb keyboard, what made it a laptop.

Hopefully, your problems are not hardware based but Windows quircks.
Which windows do you use actually?

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what the hell did you do to the keyboard?

Just typing :roll_eyes: . By the way it still works :hugs:

Temperature here is around 30 degree Celcius, humidity between 70 – 95%.

Verzonden vanaf mijn Windows 10-apparaat

That looks like my dream device!

I am buying one the moment it’s available in Canada.

That thing looks sick. I’ve seen concept devices with dual screens like that, but never an actual product.

I would love to get one, but being able to detach the keyboard and flip it over to get a nice grippy surface to put on the table. With those sorts of flipping/rotating 2-in-1’s, it would probably slide off the little writing table things in the lecture theatres when I’m taking notes in class :stuck_out_tongue:
And I need a proper physical keyboard to type properly. On screen type keyboards lead to me writing gibberish :stuck_out_tongue:

Your keyboard can be on the museum’s 90s section technology unnoticed. :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, it looks like it has been through desert Storm you tying cover the key part… :grimacing:


That keyboard has been through a lot :open_mouth: Though for how banged up the cover is, the keys still look pretty good.

I’m running Windows 10, of course. After one of the bad crashes, it said my operating system had become corrupted >.> But then I forced a restart and it seemed fine. So probably just Windows being quirky :stuck_out_tongue: But after I get around to backing everything up, I’ll run some diagnostics and try to find the issue. I’ve put its SSD through a lot (it’s been almost full for its entire life, and has had a lot of read-write cycles of large numbers of small files), so it may be the SSD getting old and tired :slightly_frowning_face:

SSD: if ‘tired’ you may try a chkdsk:

Save your data first!

After repairing the S3pro screen there where still regularly annoying ghost touches.
This was fixed with a sharp screen calibration app.


If you like I can sent you the “Suface3 pro became a laptop” image, but before beware jealousy attacks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And then w10 is able to generate a detailed battery report too. Always useful on older computers!
in powershell(admin):
powercfg /batteryreport /output "C:**“whatever folder you want or take this part out and just type:** \battery_report.html” → (powercfg /batteryreport /output “C:\battery_report.html”**

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Those two sentences don’t match in my head.


I was already against that horrendous keyboard of Apple with the 1.5mm travel. It’s like typing on a piece of metal. You’re fingers will hate it if you type with the least amount of force! This eliminates travel and any possibility feel your location on the keyboard. Definitely a no go for me.

“Windows 10 apparaat” and “temperature/humidity”?

Dutch language and that climate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: