Tempered Glass that fits Eve V

Hi Have anyone found temperred glass that fit eve?
will Surface temperred glass fit V?

Which measurement are the Display? Than its easier

havent received mine yet

This has been mentioned in another post somewhere:

Shipping costs 9,95 EUR worldwide.

Also other type of screen protectors for the V available from this website.


Sounds interesting.

Anyone ordered yet?

Would love to see a review with some photos :grinning:

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has anyone tried it ?

Unfortunately I don’t even have my V yet.

But stay tuned, I’m sure someone with their V already is going to order one and review it.


Made in Germany seems promising.
Sadly, I haven´t received any V also. The FS 4.12 … is a bit complex to estimate.

And a shop in Germany is also available.


I just ordered it, hopefully it’ll be nice, will update when it arrives.


@makssiful (or anybody else) did you receive yours and can you recommend it? I would like to order one of their protectors for my V which will hopefully ship soon to have it ready when it arrives.

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Yes, please keep us updated.
Would be great to see photos.


I haven’t received it yet, but there is tracking number if you ask customer support. Tracking says it’s processed by USPS in New York on Jan 12th, maybe it’s delayed because I didn’t put my state on my address (I did put my postal code but it’s USPS…)

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imageimageI finally got it today after an 18 day delay from usps. It looks like a plastic film and is flexible. BUT it definitely feels different and way smoother than the one eve came with. The marketing fluff claims it’s real glass. On the YouTube link below they broke a small piece and it did break like glass. It probably is real glass sans the smooth oleophobic coating I’m used to, but it really is anti-fingerprint, I just brush it a little and it’s gone. There is a slight gap on the bezels but it’s not noticeable. I think it may be cheaper if you can find it outside the company website on Amazon or eBay.

This review does a good job explaining the quality, although it’s for a different device.


pray tell, does it enhance (hopefully not) the glaring, reflecting? The V is supposed to come with anti-glare screen, so I am afraid that a glass film will cancel/reverse this.
How does it look on yours? Thanks…
ps I do not see enough on your photos to tell…

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…and I just looked at this one:

It says “hoch(hyper)transparent” and it has NOT the quality “matt und entspiegelt” (anti reflecting) but the V screen does… so do you think it would reverse the anti-glare of the V?

I just bought mine and installed it.

Look on this topic:

I added pictures

Nice one!
Thank you for sharing your experience, really valuable!

Hey guys,
so wich screen protector would you consider me. i messed up with the one that was shipped togheter with my V… to dusty room! :smiley:

There is only one answer to your question. DIY