@Team has dedicated their lives to make us something special – now lets make them feel special! Show your appreciation and support HERE!

Observing the community in the past few weeks I couldn’t help to notice a lot of people expressing their frustration, lack of patience, and occasionally straight out aggression towards the EVE team and other members of the community.
While it is understandable to a degree where this is coming from, it is still rather bothersome to observe this lack of compassion and ignorance on this level. And before anyone goes on with abusing their First Amendment rights and flooding this thread with arguments please let me explain to you purpose of this thread and present you with relevant data. I will try to use a scientific approach…

Experiment: Flipping the pyramid – or how to make to make the impossible

A bunch of dudes got together one day and talked about all the crazy stuff they hate about how things are done and handled in our world and how it can be fixed. You know, the same ways all of us smart underachievers do all the time in the comfort of the bubbles of our micro-worlds. Except these dudes were different. They popped their bubbles and went on to change the world around them. That’s how EVE was formed.

The purpose of this experiment is to establish with the reader the monumental and often impossible challenges that EVE team has faced in the past years and to show our (readers) wholehearted appreciation and support. The purpose of this experiment is NOT to express your grievances, dissatisfaction or suggestions for Team’s improvements. You may use the commentary, but please stay within the scope established above!



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  • Getting out of their comfortable life bubbles and actually start doing something
  • Finding others who share their life views and opinions
  • Getting all of these people together in a group and convincing them to get out of their comfort bubbles and work together

Stupidly hard:

  • Convincing the group to work on something seemingly impossible and never done before
  • Convincing the group to work on all of the above based on belief in the brighter future vs. typical compensation
  • Keeping the group alive, together and sane
  • Dealing with external pressure, including that from family and friends who would often say - “stop this nonsense and get a real job!” or “Look at yourself son, your mates they got a family and a buying a flat in a few years”
  • Love and relationships struggles from all those 100+h weeks with nights, weekends, holidays and sleepless nights
  • Traveling into unknown
  • Avoiding emotional and physical breakdown

Next to impossible/border line crazy:

  • Finding investors
  • Finding investors that are actually able to finance the ambitions
  • Just in general doing business in China
  • Finding a manufacturing partner that actually can do what they say they can do
  • Establishing supply chain that can supply the top notch components
  • Establishing right connections so you would not get bent over and f….d…
  • Do all of the above while sneaking one right in front of big, powerful and all mighty competitors
  • Deal with all the fire-drill situations and competition trying to sabotage you all and every step along the way!


(Aggressive pricing + extended time to delivery)/exceptional quality = EVE V

(High pricing – faster time to delivery)/great quality = MS Surface Pro

(Mixed pricing +/- time to delivery)/0* = other 2-in-1 on the market
*Division by zero is not possible; therefore we exclude these outliers from further consideration.


  • Community together with EVE team worked relentlessly for over a year to craft a perfect dream device – Pyramid Flipper
  • EVE team manages to secure the funding for the whole R&D and product launch
  • EVE team finds the right partners and establishes a supply chain to make the dream device a reality
  • Together with community EVE team launches a record setting Indigogo campaign where they pre-sell the devices and funds are only used purchase supplies
  • EVE team battles the daily hurdles of establishing production and perfecting devices while keeping an unprecedented level of openness in communications
  • Prototypes are sent to community for OPEN reviews and bud finding
  • All bugs are fixed – no compromises are made!
  • Production signed models are extensively stress and age tested
  • EVE team is working around the clock catching 30th wind to ensure product success and absolute quality
  • In few short years typical friends talk is turned into a star hardware company @Computex 2017
  • In several short weeks all the most loyal community members, followers and supporters will start receiving their awesome Vs and the dream of flipping the pyramid will come one step closer!


The purpose of this experiment has been fulfilled as we have identified, quantitated and analyzed the monumental and often impossible challenges that EVE team has faced in the past years.

Dear EVE team, all the super hard working dreamers and achievers who grew a pair to get out there and show us all what can be done, we want to thank you all dearly and sincerely for all the efforts, sacrifices and hardships that you had to endure throughout these years! You’ve certainly shown us that something seemingly impossible can be turned into reality, and you have inspired a whole wave of others to step out there and become more than a small dot in a comfort bubble! Please excuse us for being hard and critical of you sometimes, and please know that we love you and are always there to support you with V and in the new adventures to come!

I invite the whole community to share their personal gratitude and show support for the @Team!


Okay if nobody else wants, I will start :slight_smile:

I sadly found the V over a local newspaper some days after the launch of IGG. I really instantly bought one! :sweat_smile: I love the idea and really appreciate all the hard work @Team has put into this!
I really love your passion and that you go quality first and shipping date second. :smiley: And not the other way around.
I would love to have known sooner about this, because I want to participate in the development as much as I can, since I am very in to computer science!

@Team Thank you very much to build the V and open the possibilities to flip over the market like you flipped the pyramid :small_red_triangle_down:


I have been an insider at Eve since the summer 2015.
Got the Eve T1 tablet and have received an e-mail from a CEO of Eve-tech with a thankyou and with questions if anything is wrong or if I have some complaints.
I ignored it.
Then I received a second e-mail with the same message.
So I answered in hope that they will stop asking me if I am pleased with my tablet.
I was so wrong…
Not only did they answer me and helped me, they have sucked me in the making of a device that is top notch!!!
I got to know them through all these years and all I can say, from my personal experience in three years of hanging around with them is that the entire team of Eve-tech is dedicated, trust worthy, reliable and committed.
But most important to me,
They are all good hearted and honest!!!
if you want to finish school, be good at work, retain a girlfriend or boyfriend, if you don’t want to get abandoned by your family,
I’m just kidding, of course :blush:
It has been and still is an incredible journey with them and I can only hope that it doesn’t end :relaxed:
From the bottom of my heart,
Thank You :relieved:
You have made my life richer.



They have actually done what we all talk about, and it’s a hell of a long way from talking to actually show up at Computex with a great device that enables you to stand up tall with confidence against the worlds giants.
And for that I take my hat off :tophat:


Keep it up Eve team and hopefully no more bad news from now…, I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU GUYS! (only until my Eve-V arrive in my hand) :stuck_out_tongue:


I encountered Eve off the back of one of my review where I was commenting.on the state of play with PC’s and included bloatware. @Konstantinos reached out to.me asking if I would be interested in finding out about a company who where truly don’t things differently. So nice then it has been a great ride and I have been proud to say that I have been part of the development of this amazing machine.
Unfortunately I was unable to secure a device through the IGG campaign but as soon as I can buy one I will be getting one as they are amazing bits of kit.

Thank you Eve-Tech for the crazy ride and let’s hope that you continue the journey long into the future.
You guys are legends.


Awesome team which is doing awesome work. Keep it up :slight_smile:


I am pretty new to this community compared to the old beard ones here. I first found out about EVE-Tech when the T1 was launched. Never bought the T1 as I didn’t find any real use for it as I had few tablets of my own at that time.

Then I started hear about the gossip about the Pyramid Flipper and mostly lurked here in the community. When the IGG campaign started I bought the hyper early bird immediately as I had the Surface Pro3 when it was launched, but in the end after three RMAs for the device MS refunded it.

I’ll thank EVE and especially the @team that I have gotten to know these past 6months. They are truly wonderful people with clear visions and they actually do listen to us. It has been so nice that there is a clear way for us to talk straight to them and they also ask our opinions on decisions.

Go forth and conquer! :slight_smile: Cant wait to get my V on my hands.

And @Konstantinos we need to grab that beer sometime as we talked about (after the things cool down a little) :slight_smile:


I agree that Eve is cool and got the right idea, and I like the Team and appreciate the communication.

Having that said, we are customers and we are paying for their hard work. It’s not like they are doing us any favors, maybe except trying their best to not fuck up first big project they have only to get it faster out of the gate - which should be the default attitude to begin with.

I don’t like that preachy attitude. Apple and Google fanatics do that. Let’s not be like that.


Let’s not accuse one another and make (false) generalizations :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: In my perspective, everyone can be a fanatic of something and I respect that even if I (many times) may not agree with. So yes, I see no problem if @Alexandr_Smirnov wants to praise Eve :wink:


I know that I ain’t.
But I have to respect AND encourage the team by sharing my thoughts.
Also, if there is something that I don’t like, I tell them without holding back.
And they at Eve know that :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P. S.
I also don’t like fanaticism.
So don’t fanatically acuse others of being fanatics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s not about praise. Praise is good, especially when there’s a reason for it. It’s about preachy attitude and could-do-no-harm - and I’m not talking about OP post, but in general.

We are customers and we may be friends, but that should never make us blind.


By now everyone still here is whole hearted supporter, committed and appreciative. It would seem that additional praise might appear to be some what gratuitous at this stage of what we hope is the end game. I do believe that there should be someway to keep the ability to switch ownership an official possibility. This is not to take anything away from the achievement but only an acknowledgement of the reality of peoples lives and the commitment to a process with an indeterminable end date.


Dear team,
Thank you for bringing us together, linked to a first class Eve V outfit.
But first class outfit brings first class supporters, mixed with genuine first class patience losers, ‘I’m the only one who is right-ers’ and other ‘short wick’ people.
Only heaven is different :innocent:
Keep going strong!


Dear @Team
I really want to thank you also for all your work. It cannot all be taken for granted, I think. One have to see all the work in the background: For example the community board, the meetings and many other things. Keep on doing like you do. I wish you all the best, stong nerves and good luck for the screen supplier.


I agree with you TOTALLY!!! :+1:


Dear Eve Team,
You must keep on the great work. We believe that you’ll suceed to deliver the best product ever.
Sheers from Reunion Island,


Continue to do greater things in the years to come.
Be the David against the Goliaths of the tech world.
Give 'em a run for their money.

Hope to see an Eve Studio, evePad, EveBook, evePhone, Eve Watch, Eve Pro, Eve AR/ VR, EveStation, EveBox One, Eve external GPU, Eve Car, Eve Home, Eve Space Travel, etc. soon!

And send me a free product for review :joy:


Hello @Team! Don´t worry, I´m calmly and quietly confident that you´ll get us there. Keep up the good work!


Dear @Team, I’m very thankful for your effort and enthusiasm! I have enjoyed getting a sneak peek on device designing and manufacturing, although this is a bit different kind of method than usually :wink:

Keep up the good work!