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Hi guys,

With Spectrum flying to customers across the globe and V 2021 getting ready for mass production, our team is already setting the next plans in motion. For that, we do need to scale up our current team so that we can allocate enough resources to support our product portfolio.

Working at Eve

Since you enjoy behind the scenes of Eve, we want to briefly share what it’s like to work with us. We are a cool international gang led by the passion for creating products that make sense for the end consumer. The team is small and agile and comprises experts across all key business verticals. We work fully remote across five different timezones, which means that there is an Eve employee somewhere in the world doing their hustle at any point of the day. FTW

As the community is an integral part of Eve’s DNA, attracting capable people from it has proven to be successful for us in the past. For instance, our community team (looking at you Grant @Lore_Wonder, Tom @ReignDespair, Niraj @nkyadav, and Javier @Javild), as well as all previous community function hires, have come exclusively from the community. Why does it work? Because you share the same passion to co-create products together; you know how we work and support us; you quickly identify areas of improvement and give constructive ideas to provide an even better customer experience. So, this time around, we decided to open up our hiring again and share with you some more positions that we are currently trying to fill.

We are looking for…

At the moment, we are looking for passionate tech-savvy candidates who will strengthen our marketing and product teams. Note: please see the job requirements and submit your application through LinkedIn.

Graphic designer

Content manager

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I think you guys need someone strong in handling operations and experienced with the marketing and PR. Given the horrible communication across the board from the website to emails to customer service and even the forum team, this is the biggest pain point that needs to be addressed. Like last year.