Team Eve | Happy New Year!


Hey community,

We wish you a wonderful 2022! In this first topic of the new year, we’d like to reflect on our remarkable progress in the past year and tease our exciting plans ahead!

2021 milestones


2021 kickstarted with the development and production of Mouse Pads. It was one of the high-demand accessories from the community that was easy to develop alongside our main project, Spectrum. As a result, we delivered on an array of premium, durable mouse pads with subtle branding you loved. Our team members were in the factory throughout each phase of the project to learn how mouse pads come to be and assure the quality of the final product.



Winners of our community testing entry happily received Spectrum prototypes as it came close to production. Our community took the chance to ask burning questions about the testers’ user experience, and loads of feedback was collected to help fine-tune Spectrum firmware before mass production.



Spectrum started to be mass-produced! We were proud to witness our collaboration with end users come to fruition once again, that we co-created another meaningful product with you, our community.


July - November

We faced many challenges throughout the logistics process, but we have successfully delivered Spectrum to thousands of customers! While we had hoped the process could have gone a lot smoother, our team has learned a lot throughout this process and will ensure we do everything possible to mitigate future issues. Probably even all of us learned something from this, from tracking shipping vessels to how much Covid-19’s impact on global logistics had affected our shipping estimates. A notable example of this is when the 2nd US standard shipment’s vessel had been queued in port for over a month without any progress. We expect to receive a restock for Spectrum ES07D03 later this month, where we will continue shipping this monitor you helped us create!

Spectrum is here!


Glossy polarizer Spectrum testing sample allowed us to share real-world findings and ask for your interest. Based on your feedback, it seems to be an exciting direction to champion in the new year!

Screenshot 2022-01-06 003854

What’s next

We’d like to develop even better premium gaming monitors with you! Your input enabled us to always be on the lookout for cutting-edge technology that brings meaningful improvement to the Spectrum you love. In the meantime, we aim to keep improving existing models through firmware updates. So stay tuned for yet another fantastic crowd-development journey in the new year!



With Samsung announcing a 4K 240Hz monitor, will you be looking to create a 4K 240Hz Spectrum gaming monitor which also utilises source based tone mapping for HDR content and other features from the 4K 144Hz?

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Another idea as far as accessories go, could be premium cases for the Eve V, as there are currently none that fit it perfectly and have precise cutouts for the buttons and ports. I use one made for the Surface Pro and had to make some modifications to access the ports and buttons.


In your exciting plans ahead for 2022, there was no mention of the ES07D01 and ES07D02 models. Perhaps you could provide an update on each of these?

Also, it’s curious that there was no mention of the 2021 Eve Vs in any of the report. If Eve now focusing solely on monitors?


Came here expecting at least a basic update on the 240hz models… Can we expect some communication soon? The last thing we were told was to expect production and shipment to begin in January 2022, but that’s starting to feel like another pipe dream.

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Hey Lore,

I notice that absent from your list of things to accomplish for 2022 is ‘deliver monitors to people who paid for them starting in 2020’. Is that an error of omission, or is it Eve’s stated goal to continue to not give people what they paid for?


Hey @Techmo, @G_T,

Thank you for the great suggestions! While we don’t have anything planned in regards to these suggestions at the moment. We always love to hear your thoughts on new product ideas with must have features. If you would like to go into further details and share your thoughts with your fellow community members! I recommend creating your own topic in the whats next category What's Next? - Eve Community.

Hey @Greg_Berrigan

Unfortunately we don’t yet have an accurate estimated date we can provide for the shipping of this model at this time, but I can confirm we are looking into the schedule and there will be an update soon. If I could double check with you did you see our latest topic regarding the 240hz?

Hey @Phil,

We love to see your continued interest in all of our products! For the upcoming releases we will have updates coming very soon. Be sure to check these out when these are posted.

Hey @darraghlong,
Unfortunately due to logistical complications some orders did have issues during the shipping process. We are currently working on getting these, and new orders shipped out as soon as possible. Everyone who has ordered Spectrum will receive their units. I will have more information soon on when Spectrum’s shipping will resume.


Happy new year!

Do you have any idea when a new firmware update might be released, and perhaps also a teaser for it?

I’ve also been wondering: with the firmware updates for the Spectrum, are you ‘only’ going to fix stuff, or are you also going to introduce some brand new features? Or is the screen/firmware limited, so no ‘new’ stuffed can be pushed to it?

If it is possible to add new stuff, could you maybe provide a list to the community, so we could prioritize which of these features to add to the Spectrum first? I hope this makes sense.

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firmware 104 was 3 months ago. Next firmware should be around end of March early April hopefully sooner.

This was the most recent list of things that @Lore_Wonder has shared. Maybe @nkyadav could give us an updated list?! :grinning:

  • Strobed VRR
  • More DDC commands
  • Even lower minimum brightness
  • Global dimming
  • HDR coloring and tone mapping
  • Pixel-perfect improvement
  • Type-C DSC
  • Manual DP modes
  • Acoustic noise reduction
  • Split-screen mode

the latest firmware version (105) was released and communicated just a few weeks ago.


I meant previous firmware 104.


Happy new year, @Emil_Bormann!

We aim to release the next version faster than how long it took for us to move from 104 to 105 (it was three months, as @LoneWolf helpfully pointed out). Of course, it may still roll out slower than expected; nevertheless, it’s an improvement goal we have in mind.

Split-screen is likely to become available in the next release.

We all love brand new features; therefore, we aim to release as many of them as hardware and resources allow. Improvements and fixes according to your feedback will also come as we successfully tackle them in the back end.

I think it’s an interesting idea, and I’d like to hear more about how it may be meaningfully executed so that related community input and team effort can improve the firmware release. For this, I’d like to share more about the different stages a firmware item, including new features, may fall into once our team collects it.


This includes rare items with no direction for a meaningful investigation. For example, we’ve only documented a single suspected HDMI 1.4 incompatibility case – an HP Probook 640 G4. It is appropriate to continue observing such items to identify a trend for investigation.

To be discussed

Those that we have a clear idea of what the symptom is or a good understanding of the improvements wanted will be readied for a discussion with our firmware team.

In discussion

We have conversations with our firmware team via regular meetings and messages/calls throughout the week. The outcome may put discussed items to any of the stages we have here.

Cannot do

It is common that items are determined to be not possible, especially when it comes to improving existing features as well as adding new features. The reason typically comes down to hardware limitations and resource prioritization. However, these items will usually be put onto the radar for exploration in the next generation.


Meaningful items will be investigated by our firmware team. It is generally unpredictable what the outcome may be – viable to implement, need more investigation time, or not possible due to uncovered limitations.

Agreed and working

Everybody agrees that the feature will be implemented, and it seems that it will work as expected.

Agreed and unpredictable

Everybody thinks that it can and needs to be done, but we are unsure what we may encounter when working on it.


During implementation, the development runs into unforeseeable obstacles.

Let me know if you have any further ideas!


Would a Trello board work for this, incorporating the community further in the firmware development? Call of Duty: Vanguard does this (I know it’s not comparable in specs, but damn that game has both a lot of bugs and a lot of users) Trello

Or would this put too much pressure on you/the dev team? I’m guessing you have made some considerations about how such a Trello board would benefit/harm the development, since I can imagine some people might be adamant about certain issues/features.

This would likely result in a bit of extra work for your Community Managers at first when adding stuff from the community to the board, but I also think it would save a lot of time afterwards. Instead of answering every question of “how is ___ going?”, “are you implementing ___?”, “when is ___ finally happening?”, they could just refer to the Trello board for an update (and people - like me - would actively follow this instead of asking). If a user provides a new idea, the Community Manager could simply say, “Thank you for the input, we’ve added it to our Trello board! [link]”.

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Elaborating on my previous post:

Regarding how it may be meaningfully executed, I would probably suggest a big poll to begin with, after all current issues/features are put into their respective boxes (the categories you mention). Here, the community could prioritize which of these issues/features they would like to be addressed first. I’m not sure if a poll specifically will be best for this, but somehow you should be able to get a prioritized list.

After this initial big poll, you could do a weekly/daily/[insert appropriate] poll for new issues/features that both you guys and the community has mentioned. For this, you could have a box on the far left of the board called “Ideas”/“Coming up”/etc. where all issues/features are put before a vote, and you could then after an internal discussion put the new items into their most relevant box, depending on a meeting with the dev team.

I hope I explain myself adequately :sweat_smile:


Happy new year Lore! great to see you back active on the community forum. Do you think you could take time out from your busy day to answer the query below? It’s outstanding for quite some time and you seem to have accidentally ignored it.

Ok. so you still have no confirmed slot, 2 weeks after saying “Nevertheless, we are informed by the factory that we will have the spot arranged soon, hopefully within a week or two”

Is there a really good reason that Eve have been unable to have the factory confirm a slot, rather than a vague eta?

Have you asked the factory to confirm what the lead time is, and to confirm when a guaranteed slot will be avilable? If not why not?

Hey @darraghlong,
Sorry to hear that your reply did not get responded to. I believe the following quote can help answer some of your queries:

We will be posting an new update soon about the V which should help answer any additional questions you may have.


I can’t believe so many people want Glossy displays, it’s a real pain seeing your reflection in the screen, I hope Eve is going to continue to make Matte screens.