Team Eve | Community Managers Wanted


Hey, lovely members!

We are looking for passionate community managers who will actively engage with our customers right here and the rest of our social platforms. You will be working together with global, cross-functional teams to support the rapid growth of our company who advances consumer technology through the power of many.

About us:

We are a community powered gaming hardware creator. At Team Eve, we develop tools that offer everything end users need and nothing they don’t, so customers can 100% focus on their passion. Each team member takes ownership of their line of work, is on the lookout for a better solution, and preserves integrity. As a team, we take care of each other, collaborate and share, give credit where it is due, and ultimately elevate people to be better and live happier lives.

We have globally shipped Eve Spectrum, the world’s first crowd-developed monitor line-up. It is built hand in hand with the enthusiasts who use it and advanced gaming experience through premium, elegant design without compromising performance, image quality, and convenience features.

  • Watch the mass production of Eve Spectrum ES07D03
  • Check out EUROGAMER’s independent review of Eve Spectrum ES07D03

Primary responsibility:

Bridge the team and our enthusiastic community members to leverage their crucial role in developing and improving our products.

You will:

  • Reach out, listen to, and interact with community members on and Eve Discord server.
  • Maintain a knowledge base that enables easy preservation of great community suggestions and troubleshooting solutions.
  • Document customer service requests from and social media.
  • Moderate posts and comments when necessary.
  • Closely coordinate with our customer engagement leader.


  • Meet timeframe expectations to ensure in-time engagements across platforms.
  • Maintain positive and concise communication internally and externally without sacrificing meaningful details.

A passion for consumer electronics is a must to enjoy this position. Members who regularly follow tech YouTubers (e.g., Linus Tech Tips) and tech news sites (e.g., Notebookcheck) receive great feedback from customers and team members.

Being part of Team Eve, you get to:

  • Be in the exciting journey of our fast-growing company.
  • Choose work hours yourself.
  • Work remotely with amazing teammates around the globe.
  • Make decisions on a team consensus basis while being empowered to experiment.
  • See your contribution recognized by our customers and fellow team members.
  • Learn and work smarter as you grow professionally.

If you love monitors, this is an opportunity of a lifetime to champion the success of great monitors and even better gaming hardware in the future. Please personal message me with your cover letter and CV if you are interested. Cheers and good luck!



Don’t get me wrong. I really like the design and the approach you guys take with integrating the community into the development process. But the one guy who is suffering under bad management or illusionary deadlines is the community manager. You don’t need more of these or another one. You need to change the way you set your deadlines and how you communicate them with you customers. Because everything else just leads to a lot of frustration and that is what a community manager has to deal with at Eve 99% of the time. If you manage to set transparent shipping schedules your community manager will have time for everything again.


Thank you for letting us know your opinion, @Larsinka!

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