@Team Can you build one with i7HQ process and a dedicated graphics

Hi EVE V @Team
I’m a designer & photographer based in India.
We professionals like me generally required to move from the workplace & home and sometimes to client’s place for a quick time around for work. We can’t carry bulky Desktops with Graphics tablets everywhere.
I need a surface like a tablet which can be used for everything. But unfortunately, surface like tablets are not powerful enough for every task (no dedicated graphics) and priced too much which in fact everyone knew need to update to new every 1-2 year.
So need a Tablet which we can connect to external monitors and work as the main computer and graphic tablet with a stylus. I don’t want to carry it in my hands to work so I don’t mind a little weight and thickness but should be powerful enough for graphic and little video work.

Can you guys build one with i7HQ process and a dedicated graphics like gtx1080 onboard?
I dont mind the 18-20mm thickness and all the ports on flipout (may be in the stand) instead of on the sides.
I love the wireless keyboard always wanted one (only vaio z thought of this before to include). like to have a numeric keypad 2 too.
And everything the EVE V has ofcourse reasonable cost (keeping in mind the every 1-2 year needs to upgrade/buy new

I have some more ideas for the dream designers machine if like to here buss me on my email.

The specs you are calling for are maybe perhaps over-stretch for a tablet, as it is meant to be a ultra portable device by definition. But a full laptop or a convertible laptop like Surface Book or the like is definitely possible. We actually have an existing tread EVE next project and why it should be a laptop (update) - #297 by iKirin that talks about that. If you don’t mind posting your ideas in that thread to keep them all together. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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If there is no objection from @bsbirdi I would suggest @nawthor @iKirin @Helios closing this thread to avoid duplication


Considering this topic is talking about a tablet rather than a laptop, I would leave it open. What the OP wants may not be possible right now, but who knows what will be possible in the future. Remember that the #development:whats-next category is not only for the next big thing, but also for the things that may come after it as well.