Tape on the V's stand? what's that?

So I found this strange tape on the flap of the V’s stand. Can somebody explain what is this black tape for?

Where it came off, it is sticky from adhesive now…

It is not a “big deal”, just a tiny little annoying (the sticky) and curious what it is for and why it was half ripped off…

Hope the photo is visible: I put the same photo twice, on top with explanations and below without so you can see what it looks like…

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Hi @adt the tape is there to prevent the bracket from deformation :slight_smile:

Yes. There was tape on the V1s too in the same place. It should not be removed.

thanks I looked and saw it on the old V, never paid attention!
On the new V it came of, was crooked and half off when it arrived at the end and came off by itself in that area I pointed out above…

You should raise that with support, as the tape is there for a reason. It sounds like that was missed in the QC.

Yes as Phil said, I would recommend contacting support about this issue since I know you just received it not too long ago! You can contact them here!

but what’s the point? it came off about 10cm (edited), not much, it’s just sticky underneath. What could they do about it? And what can happen in that area? I just want to know before bothering them and me for something that doesn’t seem to be that important…
I could put some ducktape on it :upside_down_face:

The product will function normally as that is just there to protect from deformation. I have asked the team about this issue and will get back with you when I have a better answer for you!

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From the V1, my impression is that the stand is very thin, so as Aethel says, the tape helps to stop it from being deformed. I would imagine that if you’re extremely careful with the V2, in particular when you open and close the stand, then it shouldn’t matter.