T1 Windows 10 v1803 touchscreen stopped working

Updated my T1 to Windows 10 v1803 and the touchscreen stopped working. I assume I need to install drivers but there are no T1 support files to be found.

Can anyone help me?

Why are there no T1 files available?

[edit] Audio, rotation sensor, battery sensor are all not working also :frowning:

Just for the non techies : T1 means . . .

The T1 was the first Eve product - an 8" windows tablet. Other than this forum category, it has completely disappeared from their website sadly, and for no reason.


Hope you can manage to go back to the before 1803 windows version

Hoping I don’t have to !


maybe @iKirin can help you…

this happened to me recently on a different brand of tablet, i used a sensor troubleshooter and it fixed it all including the auto-rotation, i am just trying to find the article i used

i know this is for the surface but it did resolve my issue

this might also help with the touchscreen element

Didn’t help but thanks anyway.

Rolled back to 1709 and everything is working again … :frowning:

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I had a similar issue to you. When i updated to 1803. My wireless and ethernet/blutooth stopped working. I just reinstated the drivers.

Do you have a download link for all the T1 drivers?

None of the problematic hardware was actually detected by Device Manager, so I assume I would need to install the drivers for the hardware detection to work.

I don’t think those are available anywhere, unless some T1 owner digs them up from their device.

Here is the drivers folder given by Eve for the T1 : Free large file hosting. Send big files the easy way!


Hey @SombreSire, revived my T1 today and got right back into the touchscreen issues after resetting windows. The link to the drivers is not valid anymore. Would it be possible to somehow send the drivers again? Thanks!

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Here is a new link for the drivers : Free large file hosting. Send big files the easy way!
I hope it will help you



Hey @SombreSire, file downloaded, thanks! Zip file is password protected though, could you let me know the password? (Private message if you prefer)

oups sorry, I forgot, the password is eve.

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This thread is about the t1 not the v. Pretty sure you’re getting something mixed up here.