T1 - Wifi working sporadically after cold boot


I have been having problems with the Wifi on the T1 the recent times. When I start up my T1, it connects to my home Wifi just fine. But after around a minute, Windows 10 states that there is no internet connectivity. So, I use Wifi troubleshooter to fix the issue. Usually the problem fixed is no DNS. That is strange since all other devices on my network can use DNS just fine and the T1 also after running troubleshooter a few times.

So the problem is that I have to run troubleshooter between 1-3 times after a cold boot to get full access to the net.I would like to fix it since that issue is really annoying.

Is there any newer wifi driver versions for the T1 that could fix this?

Wifi router is an ASUS RT-AC68U, but the issue occurs in other wifi networks also.

Have you tried going to the network adapter properties and setting a fixed DNS address to Google DNS?

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I know this problem synonymous on my W10 Pro Terra Pad to AVM 7490 Router. It is very annoying. I still have no solution. It is a Windows bug …