T1 old problems remain

I’m wondering what’s going to happen with some old problems we used to have with Eve T1 tablet?
the number one problem for me is the cameras problem:

after windows 10 updates, cameras on my tablet don’t work

I’ve noticed that I have some kind of Intel camera driver

I don’t see Imaging Signal Processor 2400" driver as it used to be before when my cameras did work.

I sent couple emails to support team, but, didn’t get response.
Could somebody, please, provide me with instructions how to make my cameras work?

Thanks in advance,


Hi. I never had those problems but if I remember correctly from the posts, you have to uninstall skype and device from the manager, all with restarts and then will automatically install drivers for the camera. Restart again, try if it works… Again, I’m not sure if it will help but it doesn’t hurt to try :relaxed:

Ш рфму I’ve uninstalled Skype as the first step, it didn’t help . cameras still not work. :frowning:

And the camera as well in the “device manager”, uninstall it. Just type in search “device manager” and don’t forget to restart. Then in device manager check if the camera has reinstalled itself, it should automatically. Restart. Check if it works.

I tried and this way. didn’t work as well.
after I removed/ uninstalled camera, search for hardware changes has been started and after it finish I have camera device back. still not working :frowning:

Try to download and install this driver. Intel(R) Imaging Signal Processor 2400 Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP

asking for registration/payment…:frowning:

Soon there will be new driver from the manufacturer that will resolve the camera issue. The manufacturer promised us to be haste about it :slight_smile:

Strongly hope so! Looking forward to get the new driver! :slight_smile:

in the mean time, try to google that driver out and install it :relaxed:

I’ve tried really hard, believe me! No luck:-(

Here is a link for the driver : Zippyshare.com -
The password is evet1
To install it :
Go to the Device Manager
Open the Imaging devices section
Right click the AVStream xxxx
Select Update Driver Software
Click on Browse my computer
Browse to the folder where you have decompressed the archive
Click onLet me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
Select Intel(R) Imaging Signal Processor 2400
Click Next
Click Close

The camera app should work after that.
Good luck and keep us updated :slightly_smiling:



SombreSire,You’ve made my day!!!:grin::video_camera: it’s working now!!!


Great to hear that :relaxed:

Thanks for the help Sombre :kissing_heart: :wink:

After you enter the device manager, try to click the button “Scan for hardware changes” to have a try at first. Try to see if there is a imaging signal processor 2400 device, if cannot, i think is the drivers problem. Because before you update windows 10, it can work, but not work after update.

The problem are already solved last year :smiley:


Come on, you just necro’ed a thread :sweat_smile: it’s a year old :smile:


Zombies rising from the abyss. Guys, take good care of your brains.

Is good to see the community to help solve problems. Even more so when the EVE team is busy with the final stretch of a new product.