T1 glass replacement: What are the options?

Hey all,

As you can probably imagine,I managed to crack the front glass of the tablet. The circumstances are not covered by any sort of warranty (let’s just say they are classified as a “sitting accident” :stuck_out_tongue:) As expected, the digitizer has gone haywire and half of the screen is unresponsive to touch, rendering the device unusable (barring connecting a keyboard via an OTG cable)

So I’m basically trying to explore my options on resolving this:

  • Is there a spare part (glass/digitizer assembly) I can order from anywhere? I can repair it locally if I could obtain one.
  • Could Eve repair it themselves and charge me for it somehow?
  • I know the T1 is no longer available (I’d buy a second one in an instant), but I can’t find any used ones for sale either (and Google searches are driving me insane, too many “Eve Online T1 frigate” matches). Anyone seen any for sale? Even a bricked device would work, I could have it cannibalized for parts :wink:
  • If all else fails, time to say goodbye to the T1. It has served me well. Already looking for comparable 8" 2GB tablets.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

PS. I’ve been meaning to ask for months: My charging LED turns green while the tablet is powered on, but I can’t seem to remember if it always did that. It does the same for you people, right? Right?

(and Google searches are driving me insane, too many “Eve Online T1 frigate” matches).

You could literally just type “-frigate” so everything with frigate gets discarded by google :wink:

But I looked it up, even then I unfortunatly can’t find any used T1’s (and if I’ve found any that are still useable, I’d have bought them myself already ;))

So @Mike / @Konstantinos / @WhoeverOfEveIsResponsibleForSupport can you guys help out? :smiley:

Hey, this problem was already encountered before and I believe @Konstantinos and @Mike were arranging to send a screen and touch panel out. Hopefully they’ll respond and confirm this and hopefully help you! Will be hard to replace a T1 :wink:

Hi there! Sorry for the late reply just came back from China! Where are you located?


Hey there, welcome back! Located in Greece!

you can ship it to us, we will fix it and then ship it back to you. We will.make.you a.paypal invoice. How does it sound?

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What’s up with your keyboard? Why so many fullstops?
(I guess you double-tap space and then delete last space, while your keyboard places fullstop in place of first space)

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Yeah, that would be perfect, thanks! Should I use support@eve-tech.com to get in touch with you for the specifics?

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