Sven from Munich

Hi I am Sven, living in the south east of Munic.
I tested 2 Prototypes.


Greetings from the south west :beers:

Welcome to the man who was always there :hugs:
Sure you’ll have interesting things to share with us :wink:

I am seriously jealous!
I second @AML, you probably would have interesting things to share :wink:

Did you have the chance to incorporate the V in your daily routine?

Hey guys you seen his thread? Just the 250 odd posts! (but lots of pics!)

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Ie sven joined Nov 2016, only just doing intros now hehe

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Yes, :sweat_smile: now I remember that topic…
So much time has passed that I even forgot about it! Thanks for the link!

My question is however still valid, because after over 250 posts (mostly about drivers), around last May updates ended… The V will be my first 2-in-1 and I hope I can integrate it well in my daily routine! So I am looking for a first-hand real-user experience with it… You know, to ease the waiting until the V is finally in my hands! :weary:

Not to hijack Sven’s thread (but I will anyway!), what is your daily routine @lamu? I, like many others here in the community I suspect, use a 2 in 1 today so could help you out with your queries :slight_smile:

Well, thanks for asking! I really hope Sven won’t mind as well, because I’m going to fully support the topic hijack, probably even beyond your initial scope… :sweat_smile:

My daily routine is to use my 15’’ laptop for way too many hours per day in every possible use case scenario (work & personal, production & consumption). It is a quadcore third gen i7, with quite respectable specs for the time it was bought, at the end of 2012. From an hardware point of view, it still fulfill my needs (except battery, which is completely depleted at this point, and the cooling system, which would benefit from some maintenance.), reason why I’ve only planned to eventually upgrade the internal storage (switch to SSD, from my hybrid HDD+SSD) and don’t plan to buy a new one in the very near future.
Actually, I plan to continue using it for my daily work even after I receive the V: I simply can’t do without the processor power and dedicated graphics.
However, during my working days, increasingly often I find myself in need of a pc outside office, on client sites / working sites… and always trying to find ways to avoid these situations: 1) because I don’t feel 100% at ease with clients when I need to plug it in or when the fan starts; 2) a 2.6 kg laptop is anyway not the right tool in many situations and places. Needless to say, I expect the V to fully and easily substitute my laptop in these special cases.

However I have far more ambitious plans for the V, I want to use it much more than just that! :slight_smile: The real question for me is, will the V be comfortable, powerful and versatile enough to become my most used pc outside working hours? At home and during the free time, my use cases are quite variable. In short: NOT at all a heavy gamer (thankfully, this is about the only saving grace in my relationships with PCs); only occasional light gaming with older games from my juvenile years, pretty sure some web pages require more resources to load than most of those. Lots of web browsing and reading; quite a lot of typing (ehm… you already guessed this, I know :stuck_out_tongue: ); HD video watching. But also far more demanding stuff: regularly RAW images editing, and more rarely light video editing. In general, very often with moderate multitasking (browser + 1 or 2 applications), sometimes heavier multitasking.

My main questions/worries about 2-in-1 integration in the daily routine would be:

  • 13’’ screen: how much do I really loose (I already use full HD resolution on my current 15’’ screen) - How often will I feel the need for an external monitor (partially losing the advantage of a 2-in-1).
  • Typing: how much will I be able to cope with a quite smaller keyboard than I’m used to.
  • Power: will the V hardware support me for at least 80/90% of my home use (I already expect to need to take my laptop from work occasionally for longer RAW editing sessions, and for the occasional video editing). Can I perform a quick RAW edit or multitask without feeling impeded by the hardware?
  • The pen, this stranger: I would love to use it, but I wonder if it will be really useful for something. Note taking? Annotate pdfs & images on site? During presentations with clients?
  • New way / places to use the device: chair + desk no longer strictly needed… Do you find yourself typing in different situations? Tablet (this other stranger) use vs traditional use: where and when do you use your 2-in-1 in each mode? Do you use a mouse on your 2-in-1? Etc, etc.

waaay TL;DR: my dream would be if the V could be powerful and versatile enough to be the only pc I take with me every time I leave the office (on site jobs + most of my personal “home” use). I would then transform my current laptop in a sort of “moveable workstation”: it would stay fixed in the office except when I need its heavy power at home (long RAW editing sessions and occasional video editing).
Can the V, as one of the best 2-in-1 available, do this for me? Does it do something similar for you or do you use in a completely different way?

Yup you’re right, you type a lot! Haha

From my experience with a 2 in 1:

Screen: I found no major difference going from 15 inch laptop to a 10 inch surface! This is mainly due to the higher quality screen meaning I was comfortable with smaller fonts/ icons

Typing: no issues here, even with a little bounce. I actually like the option of having an angle of tilt on the keyboard or not

Power: hard to say as it really depends on which model you go for.

Pen: I found it really useful for taking notes whilst on client site. Aside from looking very professional it replaces a notepad very well, letting you edit, organise into folders, colour in, delete, move around, zoom, etc etc all done securely (password protected) and backed up in a cloud. I haven’t even scratched the surface (no pun intended) with using hand writing and shape recognition nor voice recording either! Not to mention the ability to draw shapes and diagrams.

Location: with keyboard I use it pretty much as a laptop on a desk. But tablet mode it great for media consumption on the sofa (kickstand is fantastic here) and also when note taking. Easy take pics of whiteboards and other documents too and integrate into my notes.

(apologies again sven!)

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Thanks a lot for your detailed answer! :smile:
I can’t wait to receive the V and verify thoroughly each point of your personal experience :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, what you described would exactly match what I want from the V as a 2-in-1!

(Sven, apologies from as well… OT over, let it return to its original purpose.)

Welcome sven! We’re crazy here! Haha