Surface pro x and the hope for Eve V2

I received the surface pro x for the new look and had high hope for the ARM processor. I am returning it due to the compatibility issues, and look forward to purchasing this new eve v2, hopefully coming in 2020. The surface pro x cosmetically was perfect, and gives me even higher hope for the only competition the surface series has, the Eve V.


Can you say more about the problems you had?

Also what were the good things the V2 should try and adopt? Eg I love the way the pen is stored :heart:


Hey kee!
I love the redesign of the surface pro x. The display that has been pushed out to be slightly bigger and smaller bezels;as well as the pen storage. Where the surface pro x fell off was mainly the arm processor. I was unable to download stuff for school such as Dev c++. At a price point that high, a laptop needs to atleast meet my school standards.

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Ah man that must have been so annoying! Luckily I’m not much of a power user, a tablet would do for me except I like having the flexibility of win 10.

Everything always seems to be developmental. There is always some compromise here or there and adaptability see ms to be what we all have to practice. There is much to fault with MSF but at least they seem to be following the track towards total compatibility.

I brought surface go.

It is better to share with we already did and love to do (note taking, money planning, internet services and design) rather than trying to put a 2080TI on a surface go, which is easier with steam link , or just install some 2d lovely games.

I will share my pain.

The surface go is the best thing I can get to work and for my private life.
It is lighter than a book, when I use it is as good as a desktop and when I fold it up I have my desk a mice mat with the area as big as the earth world map to write and read. :star_struck:

The Cost. :money_mouth_face:

the surface go only cost me $300 USD.

But then I have to buy the $100 keyboard $100 pen and $100 MS office

The love: (The reason) :heart_eyes:

it has traditional Chinese keyboard layout!
it has magnetic keyboard and magnetic pen!
it has MS office support and 1TB MS OneDrive storage and share the real MS office to 6 members of my family with 1 TB drive

Because of the keyboard layout and the non support of LTE MS is clearly more suitable to me. I choose daily life support > performance spec.

But becoz my surface go I finally go for the USD$300 one,
I went for the education window 10 pro which is worse than buying from the original MS website, but it is $3188HKD vs $2300HKD.

and second, I thought I have 64GB + 256GB micro sd card.
but finally I only go for 128micro sd card and the card is already full of video talks my father send me to watch. I should buy the 128GB nvme version but I just want to try the surface go before I invest a lot. 64gb is just enough for the system and the extra 64gb can install all my lovely assets. (games , photo, movies )

so with 64GB cannot swap drive, not NVME, just eMMC 64GB
(surface go have 3 spec, 64gb eMMC - 4gb ram ~$3000 , 128GB Nvme 8gb ram ~HKD$4000, and the one with LTE ~HKD5000) I want a LTE for GPS map and instant messaging e-mail but turn out I don’t want to pay for two 4G LTE cards.

I can install the MS OFFICE word, excel, powerpoint and one note plus outlook.
I can do all the business and family accounting, and even install autocad 2018 (full version x64) the autocad 2020 have 3 years education license free but it only works on my desktop and have bugs on surface go.

But then I have only 2GB left so I cannot install age of empire or or others windows game. I am waiting for AOE4.

I can use 1GB to put all the ebooks from google read and pdf from the internet.

I can install DOA venus vacation but u know without gpu and just 4GB ram and intel gold cpu, I can only run on 720p 10fps so I uninstall it because DOA cannot run on steam link.

All other games run on steam link but I tested it only works on home router. So I can play witcher3 and monster hunter world on my surface go 4gb ram
by using my desktop 12GB ram 8GB AMD RX580 to output the graphic. I tested when I go to hotel or mom moms home it usually cannot run the 3d game.

the surface is an instant steam game machine but I still only able to connect to one dual shock 4 gold controller via Bluetooth.

MS is doing very good on support and daily patch, and the quality management is very good. I have saw post that the EVE V is very prone to scratch and break.

But you know the price of Surface pro Intel i7 is so expensive and we are talking
I am using eMMC 64GB to run autocad 2018 vs EVE V i7 512GB.

I have talk to my youngest brother to recommend him the lightest 2in1 surface for chess and he told me to check the spec, oh 2core 4 thread, it is enough for everything.