Surface Pro Screen Flicker reported

Just read some details about the Surface Pro 3 - 4 screen flickering and only one possible solution is to put it on the Freezer… :scream:

I’m not sure about information but I read somewhere here in this forum that V use the same screen from Surface Pro 3 or 4.

So, will this problem be concern by the V owners also? :thinking:

@Team @Konstantinos @Mike This requires URGENT attention. Thank you!!

Not same screen. So no worries about this one.

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Really thanks for the information, glad that I remember it wrong.:blush:

They are using newest Sharp IGZO one … one of reasons for delay. In this case - a good decision.


Why? The screen is different and no reports of flickering V screens.

Really curious why you feel this is so urgent vs existing known bugs and getting production done smoothly.

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What gives you the authority to make such a claim?

What facts and research are you using to come to such an unusual conclusion?


To make such a claim… and please stop this double mentioning of team members. Konsta and mike are part of the “team” and they should do their work which is not responding to every little scratch on your knee… As @Masters888 mentioned, some self-research (maybe some minutes) could help to avoid unnecessary work for everyone, especially for the little team working for our V’s…