Surface Pro i5 new review seems to show no throttling nor heat

From minute 12 exactly.


Yes I am so impressed with the new surface pro, can’t wait to upgrade my SP4. I am just waiting for the LTE version to be released.

I did not see anything in her video to actually monitor throttling! Throwing a game and saying there is no throttling is NOT a way to test for throttling. Actually that is not a way to test for anything at all other than saying that CIV is playable, but so it was on SP3 and SP4! The way one would monitor throttling is to run MULTIPLE demanding applications, and then run something like XTU to log the actual performance, power, thermals and any throttling on the time graph. On game testing one would also log the framerates and overlay that against throttling. I hope one day these “journalists” will actually care to learn a few things and properly test things before posting their claims to the world. I currently have a 2017 Surface Pro i7, and on demanding tasks it throttles both due to power and thermals. Mind that i7 is actually actively cooled. I imagine if I throw same load on passively cooled 15W TDP i5 it will struggle miserably, because thermodynamics is a b…c :rofl:

Please don’t get me wrong, SP even with i5 is maybe not an exciting, but a mature and very good device, it is rather the claims that are being made about it are off


(Personal opinion)

As I’ve tested the SP i5 in a shop recently (thanks to the awesome dude who worked there who let me check using retail admin so I could run the numbers) I can tell you that the SP i5 actually throttles.

Yes it does not heat-throttle but rather TDP throttle - the same as the Core Y CPU does :wink:

I don’t have the exact numbers on the clock, but it throttles down to 11W usage after the Boost time is expired. Also seems just long enough to last a CInebench render - but that is just speculation on my part :innocent:


There is a YouTube video comparing actual throttling of SP4 and SP i7 model showing clear advantage for SP but I haven’t yet seen an in depth test like that for the i5 model:

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So here is a good comparison of previous vs. current Surface i5 models (so SP4 vs. 2017 SP) running GTA V, which is a very power hungry game because of the very open world design.

SP4 i5: GTA V on Surface Pro 4 i5 8gb ram - YouTube
SP i5 2017: GTA V on the 2017 Surface Pro i5 8gb Ram - YouTube

A footnote is that the SP 2017 is tested on actual gameplay whereas SP4 is tested only on the intro scenes which do not render a whole world as the gameplay does - so even pretty slow computers can run the intro with decent frame rate but not so with the gameplay.

The interesting thing of the SP 2017 video is that gameplay framerate (so after the intro) doesn’t seem to suffer when times goes by - no loss in frame rate that I can see.

I have played GTA V on SP4 (a lot) and I tend to play with a much lower resolution 800x600 to get a good enough frame rate for it to be amusing.

One thing I worry about with SP 2017 model and passive cooling is what would happen on a very sunny and hot day - either the computer literally melting or loosing much of its power capacity.

I’ll wait on notebookcheck. They do the most comprehensive reviews and tell you what is the deal. New Surface doesn’t appeal to me. At all.

Here’s some news from notebook check on the throttling.


Thank you for the Link.
Impressive, throttling by 60 degrees core temperature … :joy:
We have done ALL the right thing with the Y-CPUs on V.

I really don’t get that throttling stuff. I have a boost performance for a minute and then it has to cool down. Do you know which task takes that long? No one at all. And if it does, it’s such a heavy workload I do it on my desktop i7 cpu. But what to expect if they only read the spec sheets…