Surface Pro 5 - Some Details Leaked

Surface Pro 5 details have been leaked (intentionally or not):

Release Date: Spring 2017
Intel Kaby Lake Processor with the i Cores (not m)
GPU: Nvidia Pascal or the AMD Polaris
16GB of RAM
Supposedly better battery life (up to 7h)
Rumour of a 4K display(?)

Price: From $899

Source: Just type Surface pro 5 on Google.

That GPU options seem nice but guessing it will be too expensive

That is probably a keyboard with a GPU.
The Surface Pros already suffer from throttling, imagine adding a dGPU in there.

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The GPU is very interesting. Where are they going to put it? Is the SP5 going to have a bigger keyboard?


@AfonsoHG seems like some people there at the comment section are looking for a device just like Pyramid Flipper :smiley:


And MS believes this themselves? Honestly, with a dGPU always attached I don’t believe they can get 7 hour battery - especially if they go to 4K as rumored :stuck_out_tongue:

They said in GSM Arena ‘‘but don’t hold your breath on a 4K resolution display just yet.’’ so I’d say it won’t come with 4K :wink:

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That’s the reason i put rumour, as other sources are referring it. :wink:
Though i find it extremely unlikely especially if they are to improve the battery life.

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I would say it is a common problem that is transversal to many people.
Even the PF, being crowd-sourced, when it hits the market, will have people that will complain about certain features that could have been different.

In these topics, it would be a good idea spread the word about the PF as it is likely to have people interested in such a device.


It is shaping to be that Kaby Lake will be just an incremental update and thus we should not expect major improvements in performance or battery life. But every little bit helps :slight_smile:

Indeed! Very much so.

In case you happen to have account to a discussion you are in, get evengelical and spread the love :wink:

This sound more like the possible Surface Book 2 specs than the the Surface pro 5 tbh


Indeed. One does not simply offer a GPU and core i for 899. Most def it starts from i3 (max) without GPU without KB and with 4GB ram for 899.

Anyways to introduce a GPU in a tablet is very far out there. I don’t think even microsoft can pull it out yet.

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Even if that was the price of the base model, and the specs of the top model, it’s still more similar to SBook. A Surface tablet just can’t have a dGPU, its whole point is to be thin

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