Surface event shanghai video livestream

That’s the only one I could find:)

Too bad they don’t have a version without simultaneous translation.
You probably understand it all @Konstantinos :wink:

4096 level of pressure with tilt and super low latency stylus! Will V be compatible with it?


Thanks for sharing, in the livestream it was zoomed in too far to actually see a lot.
The teaser (=marketing) video sounds promising though… but no USB-C = no buy!

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Pretty amazing how they managed to run a Core i5 without a fan, presumably that’s U processor. Even more amazing given they claim a 13.5 hrs battery life.

Tests will show the real life, the video states 13.5 hours.

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You know what, I’m not even going to watch a second of that stream. That website almost made my eyes bleed even before the video started playing…

Thanks for the Link, guys.

Seems the leaks was right about the new Surface Pro (2017). I did expect an N-trig technology upgrade since they are the source. @Zhang_Xi Hopefully, it is however I doubted it has full compatibility just like when the SP4 pen is compatible with SP3–(the difference lies withing the digitizer layer inside the New Display.)

These are the changes I’ve seen from the videos (or at least what I care about, lol.)

@DeviceDave It seem they claim 13.5 hours (and they seem to have a new terraced Lithium design). Microsoft always promotes “video-playback battery life”, idk, if it is tested on Windows 10s or they upgrade to more than 40+Wh; but for general speculations… A real world expectation is usually 3-4 hours least than advertised so…
SP4 9 hours → RT: 5.5-6 hours (40Wh/7.5).
SB 12 hours → RT: 8-9 hours. (69Wh/7.5).
New Surface Pro 13.5 hours → 8.5-9 hours. [which is still impressive]

They also teased LTE where the fan used to be. And the translation was a bit loud, but I thought I heard USB-C.

Starts at $799. Couldn’t hear the launch date.

They said June 15th for global availability, same date as Surface Laptop.

Windows Central has posted a hands on review of Surface Pro: Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) hands-on - NEW! - YouTube

Seems more refined and larger, I guess. They upgraded from 2 stack → 4 stack it would seem; and they occupy more space until they reach the speakers or port-ends.

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Does anyone know if new surface pen is usable with V or previous surface?

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It sounds like it should be, but the sensitivity levels depend on the new digitizer, so I’m guessing the higher levels won’t work.

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I have to say, it is, but it isn’t as 100% compatible. This is from Windowscentral, and they say they do, but not with full benefits.

In the Windows Central Hands-on video, they talk about pen-latency being reduced from 45ms to 21ms (very significant), due to: a new integration of digitizer to GPU (in the New Surface Pro.)
So yeah, as I said, I think it will work, but it will be just like using SP4 Pen on the SP3 (only getting 256 instead of full 1,024).

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Some how missed in the live stream, but Microsoft have announced an adapter for the Surface Dock that converts it into a USB C connection supporting data and power. No information of whether the adapter supports Thunderbolt.

Here is an official release of the footage: