Surface-Book style SOLID keyboard

Love that project! especially Thunderbolt 3 - Woah!

Hey, but what’s about ‘supporting’ keyboard options?

i’m a commuter and while kickstands are fine on tables, i would never go without my Venue which has a solid, tough heavy, keyboard dock. I can work on my lap and also on the pulldown ‘tables’ our trains have, like in airplanes but way shorter, so the keyboard extends over the edge to me, but with the device’s weight center at back holding it firm…


Well, the keyboard is wireless so you can put the tablet on a (small) table using the kickstand and use the keyboard on your lap. But if you don’t have a table handy, it’s a bit harder. I would just use it without the keyboard… because kickstand on my (soft) lap doesn’t work well enough.

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As Pauliunas said our keyboard is wireless. First of all it solves a lot the so called “lappability” issues. But beyond that, opens up totally new working possibilities.

We did have even a vote about this very question here but the community chose to proceed with a sturdy folio keyboard.

Wireless capabilities we just threw in for a good measure. :smiley:

What Venue do you have?

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Mh, so the Eve will also not have a bottom docking port at all,
allowing such addons like extra-battery-keyboard in future?

I’ve the Venue 7141

It does have pogo pins, just like the Surface Pro 4. But just like Surface Pro 4, it doesn’t have the mechanical structure required to pair it with a Surface Book-style keyboard.

From my understanding it has two modes, such as the Surface keyboard. It uses the docking pins for the wired state as well as for charging the keyboard battery.
It would be interesting if in the near future if they did develop a version of the keyboard with a support mechanism for the screen and a larger battery to add extra battery life when connected though. I’d be interested in that.

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The only solution I can think of is a mechanism like on the surface 3 dock, not very elegant tough. I think you won’t be able to hold the tablet just by clipping it on the bottom because it doesn’t have the large holes like the surface book has.

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I really liked this mockup where the tablet part attaches magnetically to a base (like Googles Pixel C Tablet). Would it be possible to sell this later as an accessory? I guess since the POGO Pins point downwards the adjustable part of the base would need to be L-shaped.

Btw: I haven’t seen this thread before. I already posted this elsewhere as a question and just wanted to add this as a suggestion here.

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Hi. I disliked the magnetic version becuse it doesn’t have any space for track pad. That space is consumed by the area needed to act as a stand behind the docked tablet…

Have you tried Tablet Pro? :slight_smile: It can turn your whole touchscreen into a giant trackpad. It doesn’t cover anything, because it’s fully transparent and you can clearly see what you’re doing. And it has many configuration options, I don’t think any touchpad driver has as many options :stuck_out_tongue: