Surface Book 2 Competitor

So, the SB2 just came out. And it’s a great laptop! But there are issues.

The first is of course, price. It’s right up there with the MBP starting at $2500 and topping out at around $3300.

The second issue is connectivity, or lack thereof. Two USB-A ports is cool and all, but one USB-C and no thunderbolt? What’s with the Surface hating on Thunderbolt?

The third issue is sound. The tablet portion has some very nice speakers, tuned by Dolby – but they have no bass. It makes no sense to me why Microsoft wouldn’t have added bass to the base for use when in non-tablet mode.

The fourth issue is no fingerprint reader. Facial recognition is fallible, and the lack of a fingerprint reader similar to how the Eve V is set up makes me a sad panda.

The last issue is that there’s no 2TB drive option :wink: But that’s probably fine, since hardly anyone would buy it.

Other things I’d like to see are IPX67 certification, built-in LTE, space for an additional NVME drive in the base – and a hinge that doesn’t do weird things, that gap at the back really bugs me. It introduces a space for dust and gunk to get up in the laptop’s shit, and I worry about its impact resistance.

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A suface book 2 competitor is extremely hard to engineer. Further more if eve does make a competitior… tbe surface book 3 would be out.


Agreed, It would be difficult but not impossible, especially with the right partners. Also the surface book form factor has room to be vastly improved in my opinion.


I really like this idea.

A Surface Book with more ports, Thunderbolt 3, and a bass driver in the base is something I would absolutely buy.

Probably not viable, but something I’ve wanted on a Surface device for a while: OLED

Oh, and please don’t put “oops!” on this thing’s keyboard. The “V” is a nice touch. The backspace isn’t.


OLED would reduce the battery life, particularly for tablet mode :confused:

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A Surface Book 2 competitor is the most likely what Eve will focus on next. Basically offering the same thing except with more ports and a significantly cheaper price.

Eve would take all the experience they learned in creating V and apply that with the creation of a performance 2 in 1 like the Surface Book 2. It would also give Eve the opportunity to create a more premium pen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think Eve should not only listen to us (community), but many of the complaints about the SB2. Sell precisely what the people want.

Also, I think we should come up with some twist, so it’s not a clone of an SB2, but a better version. Better hinge, better screen (we’ve already got that), etc. is a must, but there should be something good to set it apart too.


While I agree that you should always better the competition, when it comes to hinges I worry about Eve’s engineering capabilities compared to Microsoft. I’d be happy if they could simply make an SB2 clone with more ports; anything extra is bonus.

Being better doesn’t mean it has to be more complicated. The primary thing to change is the gap when closed.

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The Porsche 2 in 1 notebook would be a good one to emulate and improve upon.

Their awesome hinge design and connection system is strong and beautifully engineered.

If this becomes a reality, I would hope for a 15 inch version with lots of wallop.

Ya…have serious doubts about Eve pulling off a hinge like that. Porsche mentioned that they used some of the technology in their cars to make that hinge.

But ya if they could make something similar with a dGPU that would be the ultimate device for people who don’t mind the extra weight.

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The hinge doesn’t need any 360 degree capability if the screen pops off. I feel like the more difficult thing would be making a base with GPU, battery, ports, and whatever else connect to the motherboard reliably while also being hot-swapable.


Pure speculation: They are waiting till TB doesnt need a dedicated controller. Intel has that in their roadmap iirc.


It’s speculation that for generations now they haven’t included thunderbolt? I don’t think so.

Also, it has nothing to do with the controller, and everything to do with their proprietary connector.

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Then why not include TB3 on the Surface Dock? The proprietary connector should disappear in my opinion. It’s stupid, and does nothing more than USB-C/TB3 can do. I know it costs extra to engineer and maintain, and they’re making money off of proprietary chargers and docks, but is it really that cost effective? That’s something Apple would do, and I hate it when Microsoft tries to think like Apple.