Superheroes That Made Spectrum!

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Hey everyone!

As we’ve been growing over the years, it’s essential to revisit the bigger picture and the future ahead of us. Eve Devices, which started as a passion project, has undoubtedly become something greater today. To resonate better with our values and goals, we’ve been working behind the scenes on something new that we can’t wait to announce soon. It has been an incredible journey building products together with you, and we are super excited to share a glimpse into the future. Before that, let’s revisit the past full of memories and moments. This topic is dedicated to all community members and customers who built the Spectrum monitor hand in hand with us.

In 2019, over 2000 members responded to our surveys about what we should do next. After thoroughly evaluating the feedback, we decided to build a monitor. But what kind of monitor? We want to highlight the following community members for their contribution to shaping Spectrum into what it is today.

The name


Backlight strobing

Pixel-perfect integer scaling

@MT via Reddit - Will the monitor support pixel-perfect integer-ratio upscaling with no blur by pixel duplication (doubling)? It is also known as integer scaling.

The point of this upscaling method is that scaling ratio is always integer and there is no quality loss because each logical pixel is represented as a perfect square group of integer number of physical pixels such as 2×2 or 3×3 and there is no interpixel diffusion at all.

Ports & hub

Optional stand

Glossy coating

Bezel-less screen

Status LED on/off

Packaging artwork

@jozedwardo’s wallpaper design looks very slick and beautiful, so we proudly implemented it on the front of the packaging, after a few adjustments.

Special shoutout: Blur Busters

We sincerely thank Chief Blur Buster and @BlurBusters team’s ongoing support since the beginning with tweaking and tuning Spectrum’s backlight strobing. Also for sharing their extensive knowledge of display technology with our community and our team behind the scenes.

The firmware

As most of you are aware, user-upgradable firmware is one of the core features that come with Spectrum. This means the firmware development doesn’t stop even after the product is released. Here we would like to thank countless community members that have made their extra effort to help improve our firmware up to this very moment!

Community testers

We also like to thank our community prototype testers: hardcore enthusiasts who received Spectrum prototypes to test, report, and improve it further. Their support was crucial so that Spectrum could be ready for mass production.


Last but not least…

Everyone else! We are grateful to receive your attention, votes, support, and we are thankful to continue sharing our passion to build something meaningful together. That’s why we are laying down the foundation for a future we want to shape together. We will be sharing more very soon. Stay tuned!