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Anyone get involved with the GME stock movement. It’s going pretty crazy on Reddit.


Hold GME and ruin Hedgefonds, payback time.
Only invest what you are prepared to loose.


Have not gotten involved since I don’t have any free cash to put in that I expect to lose, but am appreciative for everyone else doing it. I really have learned a lot about how the stock market works over the last week or so. I always knew a little about it, but not the details. I feel like a lot of people are learning about the stock market since everyone and their mother is talking about it now. Pretty much every major YouTuber is putting out videos on it and explaining how it works. While I expect the billionaires will survive this somehow (since the system seems to be rigged to protect them) I think it will change the whole dynamic going forward. There is going to be a lot more financially literate people now making trades. These hedge funds will have to think twice before trying to destroy another company to make a quick buck.

I also expect to see a lot more propaganda on these subreddits. It can already be seen when posts on WSBs are being promoted with tons of awards and upvotes that seem to want to distract users or push them to take certain actions that the hedge funds can take advantage of. These ultra-wealthy investors do not want the average person making investments that can threaten them and are going to do everything they can to stop it. In the end this whole ordeal has really shown the average person how the system is designed to help only the super rich. I have really enjoyed reading posts from both libral and conservatives in the US realizing that the system is not fair as it is. This truly is a bi-partisan issue that both sides can agree needs to be fixed.


I just bought 1.4 shares today at open to help the cause. Had a little money left from when I HAD to sell my house. Which I’ve used to buy spectrum, ps5, and the shares. I don’t mind to lose. I just want to be a part of history.

The propagation at the moment is the major news corporations saying that the “Reddit army” have moved to silver. Which is false. The hedgefunds heavily invested in the short of GME not silver. Not saying they have not tried to short silver, but the squeeze seems to be at GME. From what I have read anyway.

No financial advice. I’m just ape chasing banana.