Summary of the V encountered issue for LB

As per title I hope to summarize all into one topic for easy reading.

  1. Popping up the “auto-rotate on”

  1. Drained battery

  1. Screen protector

Seems to me like throwing that to customers with no liability on quality control.

  1. Does not register all key presses when in bluetooth mode

  1. Stuck in failed mode while installing the update called: “• 2017-12 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1709 for x64-based Systems (KB4054517)”

  1. Wifi hasn’t been working

  1. Crack in screen

Don’t know who is accounted for factory or 4px?

Surprisingly audio and pen pressure sensitivity is getting better after driver update.

Worth to mention that not all audio may get better after a driver update.
@chriskirza (HEB) got a replacement V for a different issue and the audio despite drivers is not that much better that on his old V - that may indicate some units having too a different issue with speakers. Recommend for all who think the audio is still somehow odd after the driver update to check his videos and see how a “good” V sounds after a driver update and how a “bad” one sounds…


Its an awful lot of issues for something that had an extra half a year to get the kinks worked out. Basically, its buyer beware kind of product. I’m hoping that tonight I have the time to re-install the V from scratch to get past the windows update problem. I’m not willing to swap out my hardware (which seems good) to risk getting hardware that’s in a bad shape for an OS that’s in good shape.

Also, the screen protector I got was filthy, came pre-damaged. It’s basically something for the garbage can. I don’t know why Eve wasted the earth’s resources on shipping that thing.

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Keep in mind - it feels like a lot of reports, but overall, the number of reports : number of units produced - it may be a small % overall. Samsung and Apple probably have a TON of reported issues by volume…but not necessarily by percentage.