Suitable for data analytics?

Hi - what an alternative to MS! Great! :slight_smile:
I currently prefer to buy the EVE V i7, 16GB, 512GB over the Surface Pro.
I like the overall deal plus the principal. The look is cool as well as some specs. I don’t mind the extra weight.
But I’m not so price sensitive - that’s not my deal breaker with the Surface Pro. In the end functionality and performance count the most.

My intention is to use it for Data Analytics. Now, apparently the processor performance is not as good as e.g. in the Surface Pro (Core i U vs. Core i Y). Could that be an issue or make a difference processing large amounts of data?
(I won’t use the V for gaming.)

Cheers for any honest responses :slight_smile:

It depends. On your current projects, when you processing the data, are you maxing out the CPU? If so, yes the Y chip will be slower than the U and would actually recommend you find a ‘normal laptop’ like the Dell XPS 13 for the extra horsepower.


Can you define your use case? What kind of analysis? What software? What role will the V play in this data analysis project?

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Thank you guys for the swift responses.

Unfortunately I cannot really answer your questions. I do not have much technical experience with coding or data analysis.
I intent do join one of these boot camps or study myself with online universities etc. to gain skills in Python, R, Statistics, machine learning etc. in order to do data science work…

Now I found in the internet that the new Surface Pro is quite an okay tool for data scientists. So I try to figure out if the V would do the job as well… Since these 2in1 are really handy, mobile and fancy :slight_smile:
But I guess the best solution is to go with a proper power laptop eg Dell or with a Mac Book Pro… :frowning:

Yep, definitely go with a beefier laptop. The Eve V’s CPU is not suitable for large and long CPU bound workloads. The U is ‘ok’ but realistically, go with power laptop.

The Dell XPS 13/15, wait for the CPU revamp on the Macbook Pro, the Surface Book with the 1050 TI, basically anything with an 8th Gen Intel CPU i5 or i7 (not U or Y), a discrete graphics card for machine learning and a fast SSD (M2 PCI if possible).

eg. Dell XPS 15 review: 4K media work on the go | TechRadar

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Wow, Dell XPS is a great tip. Did not have that one on my radar… sooo much choice and everywhere are pro’s and con’s… lucky me I still have lot’s of time to deceide…

Yup, for the best performance : weight ratio, refer to this thread where many laptops of around 2 kg weight is discussed

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There’s also the new AMD APUs being used in laptops which can give better bang for buck (the GPU performance generally falls between Intel’s best offering and the MX150) if machine learning is not high priority.

You should look for much better cpu than V’s for data analytics.