Substituting pen magnet with a slider?

So far I am pretty satisfied with using eve V. However I have several issues with the pen.

One issue is that the magnet is too weak to fix the pen. It rolls off from the screen really easily. I think however strong the magnet is, the problem will occur anyway as long as grab the screen and use eve.

So I suggest having a physical slider bar to attach/detach the pen. I think this can be manageable with a small side bar on the side of the screen. The slider seems durable compared to U-shaped magnetic holder(sample example here)which tends to break easily.

Off topic, but also the pen issue - when I tried to use the pen, the part of the screen where my palm touches acted crazily. Found out the palm rejection (Ignore touch input when I’m using my pen). Still, it behaved crazily. I uninstalled and re-installed the touchscreen driver, and now it works fine. Probably related to this topic


I don’t if this is the solution, I do know the ease at which the pen falls off the ‘V’ makes it unsafe to leave out while travelling. Last week on the train from Toronto to Montreal, it fell off 5 times - in just under 5 hrs. Several of those times the machine was closed on my lap. Due to the pen, it can’t be left in a seat pocket for fear it will fall off and get lost.

Easy solution is Microsoft Pen Loop. For about $5.


How about having magnets inside the pen , very small ones but strong (neodymium magnets) for the future production? Is this issue on each v?

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Or maybe a … magnetic slider

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Danke - not available in Canada - who knew we were the boondocks.

I’ve had to order these: instead.

This is another small polish item where the V has disappointed me.
Eventually I will have a review when I find some spare time - the title will be great idea - not quite ready for prime time.


I bought two of them week ago in Microsoft Store in Chinook Mall. Last time I checked Calgary was still in Canada …

I hope I wasn’t complaining about your suggestion. I liked it. As to the quip about Canada, when I searched this on the MS Store online it said it wouldn’t ship to Ottawa - which compared to Calgary is the boondocks :slight_smile:

Seriously though - thanks for the idea. You’re helping to improve my thus far meh EVE experience.

There are similar on eBay.

Personally speaking here:

I don’t see a problem with the V pen since I tend to keep the pen in my sleeve if I’m not using it right now or for a foreseeable prolonged period of time.
For short bursts I keep it at the side, where it has stuck quite nicely for me tbh :slight_smile:


Thanks! I gotta buy this, too.

When I do some notetaking and need to put the pen aside for a short time - the pen dangles at the side edge of the screen and eventually falls if I “slightly” touch it.

I found it more stable to put the pen “on” the right bottom bezel of the screen - hope this can be a tip for some people.
I read that some people put their pen on the keyboard sleeves. However, this seems damaging to the screen if I accidentally shut the screen.

The problem came up because I was on a train. I wanted to do some reading and notetaking. Yet for 5 hrs the person next to me kept talking and asking questions about my work. Clearly my work (management consulting) is the most interesting thing in the world. However I didn’t have easy access to my messenger bag. I just had my V, keyboard and pen.

This isn’t the most important V issue, however its likely to ensure I use the pen less since I will need to keep in my bag for safekeeping.

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I can definitely understand. One of the reasons why I chose V was that it looked so handy to travel with V. So far, I like it - it is light-weight, easy access to the power button(with fingerprint), Bluetooth keyboard, etc. However, the eve pen will be quickly detached by just a very gentle one swing with the laptop. If I’m outside and using my laptop, I tend to change my position, and toss around with my laptop. Then the V pen won’t kept being attached - which is pretty frustrating.

If the pen attachment part is the physical slider - then the pen will be at its position however I toss around with my V. Adding a magnet to the slider will make the pen attachment easier.