Stuttering Fullscreen Video

If I play a full-screen video playback with adaptive sync turned on in the OSD menu this causes frame lags on full-screen video playback.

Video playback is smooth if I am not watching in full-screen of it I am in full-screen turn off adaptive sync in the OSD menu.

With adaptive sync on I have turned v-sync on in the AMD Radeon Software and it makes no difference. Frame lags appear to be caused by the adaptive sync setting on the monitor.

Games are unaffected and adaptive sync is working perfectly. But Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and even MP4 files played back through windows get frame lags in full screen. I thought this might be something Video playback normally is 24fps and adaptive sync only supporting down to 48.

This is further supported by the fact if I watch some 60fps content in full screen such as one of my game recordings of a 60fps YouTube video this seems to be unaffected. It is possible to get a frame lag in both but only when the mouse is active and the video playback progress bar is showing, once that fades away the 60fps video or YouTube plays back perfectly with no frame lags.

Hi @Edocsil2020,

Has this issue occurred previously?

Also have you tried turning off VRR and Adaptive Sync on the AMD Catalyst?

So the issue goes away if Adaptive sync is either turned off in the monitor OSD or in AMD Radeon Software or if both are off. The issue only appears with adapter sync is on in both monitor OSD and AMD Radeon Software.

What I have noticed watching Netflix or Prime Video in full screen is if you toggle on the monitor fps counter is at 48 fps which is when the stuttering occurs and the monitor will switch between 48 fps when the film is in full screen and to 144fps if you give the mouse a wiggle or not in full screen.