Student homebase setup

Hello everybody,

I’m a student that is soon going to begin medical school and getting ready for the intense workload it entails, with a lot of notetaking, reading, summarizing, data collecting etc. etc.

I’ve already created a discussion regarding the possibility of finding alternative pens for the V in order to further enhance the notetaking experience.

This was one of the main reasons I came across the V; I was hunting for a portable 2-1 laptop which I could carry with me to lectures, group discussions, the library etc., while also collecting all my notes in one place (through OneNote).

I was saving up for a Surface when I found out about the V in a YouTube comment thread. Yep, it was one of those rare occasions when something good came out of a Youtube comment thread. ;-).

My current setup at home consists of a modified old Asus laptop with maxed out RAM and SSD-drive, connected via HDMI to a LED-TV dedicated to Stanley Kubrick, 30s noire and Japanese samurai movies.

Now I’m preoccupied with a thought; could I possibly use the V as my primary laptop in my school dedicated homebase?

In my mind, this would entail the following things:

  • An ultra wide monitor (29’‘/34’', LG?)
  • A dock for connecting the V to the screen and TV, as well as power source and ethernet cable
  • A mechanic keyboard (no, I don’t have one. I just know that I want one for all that quality time I am going to spend writing up my notes. Clicketyclackityclack).
  • A vertical stand for the V.

With this setup, I could use the V as a vertical screen (for ebooks, lecture notes etc.) and have a very wide primary monitor which would easily let me multitask (OneNote/Youtube lectures/Word document/course literature PDFs).

A setup like this is wholly new to me though, and I do not know if the V (i7 model) is properly… endowed to play such an important part in my home setup.

Is it a good idea? Will it work? Or is it too much to ask?

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possible… I work like that for years with my SP3…

Only difference is that I use my SP3 in front of me to make notes and work with drawboard PDF…
With the V there will be only one cable!!!


I work like that for years with my SP3…

That’s a super sweet setup and very close to what I was imagining in my head!
Is that a 34’’ screen?

I’m thinking I may need a larger keyboard than the V keyboard (I have large hands… :slight_smile: ) and making it a mechanical keyboard would be the icing on the cake. Like I said, if I’m going to spend a lot of time organizing notes and writing summaries, I might as well enjoy myself.

With the V there will be only one cable!!!

How would you set up your V to your system using only one cable? That sounds beautiful.

My hp 34’’ envy monitor has a USB-C video in with power out possibility. This I would connect to the TB3 port of the V. I hope this will work…

I see, that is a great solution. And a very nice looking monitor.

Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t exceed $500, so I am looking at the 29’’ LG ultrawide monitors.

This one is $400, which is almost $200 less than the curved ultrawide 29’'.

I’m thinking that maybe for a small 29’’ screen you wouldn’t really need the curve. I hope.

I have the LG 29UM65-P it’s alright if you don’t have the real-estate on your desk. However I strongly suggest going for the better model (29UM95 I believe?) basically the resolution on mine is 2540x1080 which acts like 2 1080p monitors however this causes issues with certain softwares since the DPI isn’t scaling properly. The higher model has a higher resolution so it might help out better.

I think that may be an older model. I will look around and see what is available. So many similar models…

Hey guys! I got an LG 29UM57-P at home, also an 21:9 display :slight_smile: It also has 1080x2560 resolution. I’m telling, because my display doesn’t show the behaviour @ShinraCorp explained. The only software I had DPI problems is Virtual DJ… Windows recognizes the display as native 1080x2560 display. There have never been issues with Games (at least if they’re not 15 years old)
The display isn’t curved, and I don’t feel it should be. Left and right i got another 22’’ 16:9 display, so in whole a very wide display setup :smiley: was never a problem :smiley:
@WhiteBeard I really would say 29’’ screen doesn’t need curve at all.

Great info, thanks @cmmd_mx!
I was also worrying that the 1080x2560 mightn’t be enough resolution, but having read up on the subject I think it should be fine for the 29’’ ultrawide format, seeing that the screen height is really a lot less than a normal 29’’ screen.
Have you noticed any blurring when it comes to text, or otherwise felt the need to upgrade to a higher resolution?

I’m not really into games, so I’ll mostly be using the monitor for “productivity” stuff, like writing in Word and OneNote and keeping several windows open at the same time (like OneNote and a PDF, or OneNote and a YouTube video).

@ShinraCorp With which software have you experienced these issues?

Awesome! That will save me enough money to buy a dock for the Eve! :slight_smile:

Surprisingly the actual height of the 29’’ widescreen is ~ the height of my other two 22’’ panels. So, if you have access to a 22’’ fullHD screen, you’ll get a feeling for resolution/sharpness. I had never issues with Text / blurry. Higher resolution would be nice, but not necessary.
I just have to warn you of one thing: The 2560:1080 resolution only works with the HDMI cable which was delivered with the screen, and on an HDMI port on my graphics card. On DP Ports, I wasn’t able to get the widescreen-format to run., only default 16:9 and 4:3. If you want, you could wait until I got my EVE V (second batch), then I could tell you if it will work with USB-C^^ :smiley:

@cmmd_mx Thanks, I’m also in the second batch so that would be perfect. I’ll hold off in the meantime.
It would be a drag to buy a new shiny thing of beauty only to stare into the black borders of doom when plugging in the Eve.

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And let’s not forget about the keyboard…
I’ve been eyeing this little 60% for a while now, the Varmilo VA69M.
Perhaps with blue Cherry MX switches (since I’m gonna do a lot of typing on it, because we all love the clickety sound).

As for the dock, I have something like this in mind.
This is the Kensington SD4600P, which I believe (hope) delivers USB-C charging. Furthermore, it offers 4K Ultra HD video, but I’m not sure it matters here?

The added bonus is that it can screw onto the monitor’s VESA mount, so it can be completely hidden. Good for cable mangagement.

Edit: found this thread which broadened my horizons.
It seems that the ultimate dock would hook up to my V using only ONE cable, simultaneously charging the laptop.
One example would be the OWC Thunderbolt 3:
But $300… ouch! This is a “student homebase setup” after all.

However, since the market for docks seems to grow each passing month, I’ll hold off this one as well until I have the V in my hands.

Here are some other docking ideas:
VESA ergonomic arm docking mount for Eve V?

Okay, that is very cool. I hope the project comes through. Subscribed to the thread!

I am thinking of doing a dual dock setup, like this:

What do you guys think, is it possible?

This way, I can hide dock 1 behind my TV furniture and just have a USB-C cable running to dock 2 where my computer desk.

The question is, would this work in practice?
Does dock 2 need its own power supply?

From the figure above the USB-C cable would need to support USB-PD for charging and Thunderbold3 for image processing to the monitor.
Why not buy one single dock then with TB3 and USB-PD?

Right, I was hoping to use a second, smaller dock hidden behind my computer desk just to plug in my Eve, keyboard and mouse, rather than having to plug in these peripherals into the V.
In other words, I only wanted one cable going into the V and the mouse cable and keyboard cable to connect to the second dock…

Which would be perfectly fine with 1 dock too, or am I missing something?

Haha, sorry, I realize I’m a bit unclear about the whole thing…

The reason that I (think that I) need two docks is that one dock (“Dock 1”) is supposed to be hidden behind the TV in my living room. Then there’s a quite long USB-cable that would connect it to the other dock (“Dock 2”) on the other side of the room where my computer desk is.
I have no ethernet where my computer sits, and it’s far away from all the other things that “Dock 1” is supposed to connect to.
And I want to avoid having to pull three long USB-cables from my computer desk to the dock behind the TV. That’s why I’d just rather have another, smaller dock sitting where my computer is.