Stuck on “processing update”

My screen has been working fine for the past few months since I’ve received it. Last night as I was playing I unplugged the monitor by accident and when I plugged it back in it goes to “processing update”. I tried powering down and back up a few times as well as just leaving it overnight to see if it would resolve and nothing. I tried to connect computer and redownload firmware but it does not show a connection when plugged in to usb c port. Not sure how to proceed.

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Hey @Tom_Salamonowicz

Sorry to hear you are having troubles with your monitor! Once the monitor goes to processing update, give the monitor ample time to process (15minutes +) then perform power cycling by unplugging and plug then power on. Here is also a link to a topic similar to this for more clarity! If this doesn’t work let me know and we can try to assist you further!


When you left the monitor overnight, was the power plugged in or not?

The usual way of fixing strange issues like this is to unplug the power for an extended period of time, so that all of the circuitry can properly power down. Plugging back in and turning the screen back on should then work.

You can also try these tricks to see if anything works:

  • Unplug the power for 5/15/30 minutes.
  • With the power unplugged, press the power button several times. Plug back in. Press the power button to turn the screen on if needed.
  • With the power unplugged, hold the power button for about 15 seconds. Release the power button and plug back in. Press the power button to turn the screen on if needed.
  • With power plugged in, hold the power button for about 3 seconds.
  • With power plugged in, hold the power button for about 20 seconds.

The above steps can be tried in any order, can be repeated as needed, and may or may not have any effect.

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I let it stay plugged in overnight, then unplugged it for about an hour and a half this morning. It no longer boots and to processing update. But will not show signal on HDMI or USB-C. Tried to do an update to one 06 and when connected to my computer it showed as device connect. But when I click to do the update the load bar never moves.

It’s now showing that my screen is at vr. 102 but will not let me update it to 104 or 106 just states “device updating fail”

If you’re showing v102, it means that the Spectrum has reverted to a default firmware. It’ll do that if a newer firmware fails to boot properly. So that’s somewhat of a good sign.

Not being able to update to a newer firmware is not good, though. I’m going to assume you’ve got the basics right, but I’ll list them here for future reference:

  • You’re using one of the following USB cables:
    • A USB type B cable plugged into the type B port that’s about 5cm/2in to the left of the power connector.
    • A USB type C cable plugged into the type C port that’s next to the power connector. (The type C socket on the left side of the Spectrum won’t work.)
  • You’ve changed the USB hub source in the Spectrum’s on-screen menu to match the type of cable you’re using.
  • The firmware update tool shows that it has successfully connected to the Spectrum.

One other thing that can help is to make sure nothing is plugged into the USB ports on the left side of the Spectrum (2x type A, 1x type C). I’ve had firmware updates run into problems when things are plugged into these ports.

Assuming that you’ve done every right, how far does the update get before it fails? Is it immediate or does it take some time before it fails? Does the progress bar move at all or does it stay empty?

Yes I’ve got the basics all set, the progress bar will move up to around 20% then it restarts, does this about 3 times then says “device updating fail”

@Tom_Salamonowicz what connection are you using to update the firmware? Make sure to specifically select that connection in OSD! (select automatically can cause it to fail). Also, make sure the cable is connected directly to the pc and not any sort of hub, powered or passive! If you could also try a different cable as well that could work!

@Aethel I have tried with usb c and type b and used multiple cables with each. I get the same results all settings in OSD are correct as well.

Hey @Tom_Salamonowicz

We have been discussing this with the team and we have another member with a similar issue. You may or may not have already tried this but can you turn it off, unplug everything, including power and let it sit for about an hour and see if that fixes? We will keep digging further until then for more assistance!

@Aethel i did this earlier and it was able to load the update and display processing update again. Issue is it has been sitting on for over an hour. Doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

If it gets stuck again unplug it for 5 mins and if it reverts to 102 and happens again then unplug overnight and try a fresh install of v104 in the morning (not 105, 106 or test builds)

@Aethel can’t seem to get it off of processing update now. Tried unplugging for 5/10/15 minutes and also overnight and it just stays on processing update indefinitely each time.

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I’m stuck with the same problem as @Tom_Salamonowicz now.
Tried all sorts of unplugging, waiting for extended periods of time and holding power buttons, but so far no luck.

The monitor turns on when I plug it in, shows the Spectrum Triangle Logo and the LED shows the light color that I set in the OSD. After 2 minutes or so it goes to “Processing update…” with a blue LED and stays there forever (at least 30 minutes)…
The most funny part is, that I successfully finished the update to v107 months ago and haven’t started any update since then.

Update: I managed to turn off the screen by plugging power back in (screen then turned on automatically) and then clicking the power button repeatedly until the LED turned off. Then I managed to turn it back on and it started searching for a display input. I had to restart a couple of times more and now it’s finally working again.

What’s interesting to note, though, is that the screen goes black for 2 seconds when you plug in a USB device (keyboard, mouse).

This whole experience is very annoying. I just want the screen to work…