Strobed VRR availability?

If i set adaptive sync to on, strobing function is not available

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If I’ve understand the Chief correctly, this setting should work even with VRR, it’s „static“ but it should work.
Maybe @ReignDespair has some infos about that.

No. They say the opposite. They’ll be providing their services for VRR+strobing but that will be at a later date.


VRR strobing is currently unavailable for Spectrum. We are currently working with @BlurBusters on the possibility of enabling this feature with a future firmware update.

If you would like to read more here is a link to @BlurBusters’ post: Link here


Ok thanks, seems like I’ve misunderstood the text.
I’ve thought the strobing can be active with some predefined values (eg @144hz) and if the we’ve got under 144fps (eg 120) the strobing for 144 will work with lower FPS, so not perfectly tuned.

But i haven’t thought this won’t work at all with VRR.
Looking forward to a VRR update, as probably the majority will use VRR for gaming.

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Any word on whether this feature will be coming to spectrum 240 hz version?

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Hey @Liquidshadowfox,
Great question! I’ll put this forward to the team to find out if this feature will be available with the 240hz model.


Hey, @Liquidshadowfox!

Once strobed VRR works successfully for ES07D03, it is expected to be a matter of tuning before it also lands on ES07D02.


Glad to hear, excited for it’s implementation and fingers crossed that all goes well. I want to give you guys a big thank you for developing such an amazing monitor with the feedback of everyone here who has contributed good ideas and feedback


This is the correct answer to this question.

Any strobe features that lands to the public on the '03 should also land on the '02 too. All being LG panels being developed by the same firmware vendor, Suzhou Lehui, means it will simply be a matter of re-tuning factory settings.

Also, the goal is that all possible strobe-tuning interfaces will be kept available for an enhanced VRR-compatible Strobe Utility, so re-tuning can be done either factory-based and/or DIY-based.