Strange aliasing with solid primary colors on Windows 10

Haven’t updated my firmware beyond 102 for fear that it will cause an issue with my MacBook Pro not remembering settings. However, the only problem I’ve seen so far with my Eve Spectrum ES07D03 is this very chunky aliasing on primary colors like red and blue against certain backgrounds, and only on Windows 10 at that (I’m suspecting it’s maybe the 144Hz? Plugged in through DisplayPort). HDR is disabled. I can only show off this issue with iPhone photography, so bear with me here — the first photo is how the edges of this red triangle look clean when the monitor is connected to my MacBook Pro via USB-C:

IMG_8686 copy

The next photo shows how aliased the sloping edges of the triangle gets when viewed through Windows 10 (look at the “steps” going up to the top point):

IMG_8687 copy

Here’s a circle for more obvious aliasing:

IMG_8688 copy

It’s not a huge deal since I would rather be working on my MacBook Pro, but I do have the bad habit of using Adobe Illustrator and some other design tools while using Windows in the name of speed/convenience. This is something I’ve not seen on another 27" 4K monitor with Windows (but that was 60Hz max). Curious to know if anyone else is experiencing this or if I should just update the firmware.

Probably a result of chroma subsampling like 4:2:2 or 4:2:0.

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I had similar issues when my graphics card (GeForce 1070) did not support DisplayPort’s DSC feature that allows it to compress the signal enough to cram 144Hz down DP 1.4’s limited bandwidth. I had to drop back to 60Hz to resolve the issue until I upgraded my graphics card to a newer model that does support DSC.

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