Story of a long time lurker

Greetings from Australia!

I first found out about and fell in love with the V and the ideals and ambitions of Eve around June 2017 when the V was first shown off at one of the big tech events and knew that I wanted one. I was starting to look at options to replace my Surface 3 and its anaemic Atom processor and gradually worsening screen (at this point, there were bright patches and yellow patches, and half the screen had random subpixels which couldn’t turn black), and there was (and still is) nothing with the feature set of the V for screen, IO, cute features (like “oops” instead of backspace), or the elegance of the V.
Finding out that it uses a y-series processor gave me pause because as an engineering student, the programs I use day to day can be very demanding, so a little more grunt would be better. But for the price, especially in Australia, the ridiculous number of IO, huge amounts of RAM and NVME storage were too good to say no to, much less the finger print reader.

So I waited.
My Surface 3 screen gradually got worse, some of the yellow patches turned purple.
The friend who originally introduced me to the Eve through the LTT video which called it the “Surface Killer” said that I would never be able to get one; that demand was too high.

I joined the forum and signed up for the flash sale so I would have the best chance to get in and get one, while keeping up to date with the production and development, lurking for a long time but never posting.

December came.
I stayed up until 1:00am waiting for the flash sale and bought one with an order number below 1400, eagerly awaiting February/March shipping.

So I waited.

Vs began to make their way to reviewers.
The audio wasn’t great, and the thermals weren’t as good as people had hoped, but not terrible for a passively cooled i7.

There were delays due to discolouring on the screens during testing.
I happily waited, admiring the dedication of the team to making the best device possible, and knowing how annoying it is to have a screen which goes bad and gets discoloured patches, I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

The motherboard in my desktop died, so I replaced the motherboard, CPU, and RAM. While waiting for the new parts, I was stuck with nothing but my Surface 3 and its Atom processor.
Later, during semester, the power supply blew up and during the wait for a replacement I was again stuck with my Surface 3 and its Atom processor. The installer for the program I needed to use for my university projects was enough to cause it to bluescreen or freeze.
“if only I had my V,” I thought, “then I’d be able to still work.”
But of course, I didn’t have it.

Throughout June I checked my junk folder every day and regularly checked my order on the website, but nothing came.

My shipping estimate was changed from 4-16 of June to 18-30 of June…

I really believe in what Eve is doing. They have a product and ideals like no other, and even though the Y-series processor wasn’t the best for me personally, I decided to support them. To own a piece of history, to be part of something so radically different from anything before, something which took what we thought of the world and flipped it, much like the pyramid in the branding.
There is no other product with the features, sex appeal, and significance as the V.
But what I really need is not a product with amazing features. What I need is a product I can use.

I have waited a year to get a V, and waited 7 months for it to ship.
But I can’t wait any longer.

So with a heavy heart, I have cancelled my order.

I wish the best of luck to everyone who has decided to get their V. There is still nothing with the feature set and finesse as the V (trust me, I’ve looked). I’m sure that once the financial problems are sorted out, Eve has a rich future ahead if the design and ideals of the V are anything to go by.
I’m sure that while I use my Surface Pro or Lenovo Miix or Asus Transformer, I will look jealously on the forum as more people receive their Vs, but my next semester of university is going to begin soon, and I need a new device.

I hope that in the future I will have another chance to do business with Eve and that the production will go a little smoother.
Good luck to you all, especially the team at Eve.


our stories are very similar in the beginning. i also waited for months to see some reviews etc. before ordering it.
but my story went to a happy end when i got a V via ebay from someone, who bought an alternative while V got delayed by almost a year.
so i am a happy customer since march now, because the device is really awsome. but ordering it the regular way would have ended my story the same way as yours.
sorry bro!


Funny to read that V’s are on e-bay allready :smiley:

i was also surprised when i saw it there! luckily they are way less known than the surface devices, so i got it for a very good price :wink:

There is one on Ebay now. i7, 16gb, 512. Listed for $1495/US. A bit over priced I think. I would think anything more than $800 is a bit much.

Wow, I can’t believe there are some on eBay.
I find it funny how people who desperately need their tablet don’t have one, but people who apparently don’t need them already have them, and have relinquished ownership…


Oh dear, refund by the end of september… Maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll get our money back by December.
Man, I really need my money back for a new tablet since the V keeps failing to be shipped to me. I can’t believe they’re making us wait so long. It’s just absurd.
Though I guess we should be used to Eve making us wait by now…

I didn’t want to do this, but with such a slow estimated refund I feel I’ve been left with little choice and filed a dispute with Paypal. I hope I can get my money back soon because with a new, more intense semester of University beginning in a few weeks I really need a new computer.
I can’t believe how much everything is falling apart.

They said they will refund by the end of June but nothing happens… In addition I swapped my V, not purchased to EVE, so even I cannot dispute with Paypal… All I can do is to keep waiting as I’ve been doing for a loooooooooong time.

Hey mate. As a design student, promgrams by autodesk/other will absolutely run fine cause they’re not being processed (simulation) on the actual device. Personally i don’t know anything about hiw soildworks runs on the device. In my personal experience, if u do buy a V… your gonna have to wait at least half a year until u get ur V form eve furthermore if some does go wrong with the device… ur screwed Alternatively you could do what i did, was buy a V physical from another aussie and inform the company of the trade so they will transfer the warranty.

My keyboard broke back in February 2018 and ive been waiting for a replacement to be shipped ever since. Its the school holidays now but im still really pissed. @konstantinos @team

Mate. I know how u feel cause i was in ur shoes almost a year ago. When something goes wrong days before work needs to be submitted, the ability to walk into a store and get it fixed in hours(not weeks) will save ur ass.