[Step 3] Let's talk about the stand!

Spectrum discussion time!

We have shared with you an overall status update for the project as well as some of the panel specs we have discovered! If you haven’t seen that topic yet. Check it out here!

This week we have finally started receiving the samples and are having fun time connecting them:) . (PHOTO-2019-05-03-12-10-54
We hope to get back to you with sample testing results next week and a very concrete positioning of the project.

In this topic we would like to get your opinion on monitor stand and few other things.

As you probably know our goal is to make a monitor that provides you with all the needed tech, great colours and versatility at the best value market has to offer. As a result we want to make sure to have nothing extra in our monitor that would add cost or deliver “meh” experience at that point it’s better not to have that feature at all :slight_smile:

The monitor speakers

While not being expensive they are normally not remarkable and take up valuable space. We think that most people use their own pair of speakers with a monitor or headphones. We can be wrong! So here is a question time!

Will speakers matter to you in Eve Spectrum?

  • No, I use headphones primarily
  • No, I use my own speakers primarily
  • No, I do not need sound
  • No, but I would never buy a monitor without speakers
  • Yes

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The monitor stand

There are all kinds of monitors in the market today with various stand options. Now what we would like to know is what matters the most to you in a monitor stand. The more complex stand is the bulkier it gets and the more cost is added. First little background information on the possibilities we have with monitor stands:

Height adjustment

Is the possibility of the stand to go up and down to adjust to your sitting position, desk and height easily


  • Must have
  • Nice to have
  • Not needed

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Angle adjustment

Allows you to adjust the viewing angle of a monitor


  • Must have
  • Nice to have
  • Not needed

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Allows you to rotate your monitor 360 degrees to position it vertically or even diagonally. This is useful when stacking few monitors together or working with certain document types (You can get that ginormous A4 :))


  • Must have
  • Nice to have
  • Not needed

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Rotation at the base

Allows you to turn your monitor at the base without lifting it up. This is especially useful when you want to show something to your colleagues and you turn the monitor just a bit.


  • Must have
  • Nice to have
  • Not needed

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World of VESA mounts and stands

Another option you always have is to use Vesa mount with a monitor allowing for almost limitless possibilities in terms of angle adjustments. There are a lot of companies that specialize on development of Vesa arms and there is a Vesa arm for any taste in the market.


  • I am planning to have a VESA system for my screen
  • I do not want a VESA system
  • Other. I will tell in the comments…

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Do you agree that (in any case) Eve Spectrum should be VESA compatible?

  • Yes
  • No

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Fixed stands

Those are literally standing and have no movement possibilities :slight_smile:


  • For me a fixed stand is not acceptable
  • Fixed stand is actually enough for me
  • Fixed stand is good for me because I will anyway get my own VESA system

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I don’t see any implementation of health and safety regulations on that picture!
Living dangerously I see :joy:


Regarding the mobility of the stand, I only buy Dell monitors because they have the only affordable models that have both height, tilt, rotation and rotation at the base adjustments. And, while they may add some cost (like, what, $50?), they are fundamental to ergonomy and add almost no perceptible bulk, because what takes more space in the table is the foot of the stand, not the vertical arm behind the screen.

I usually work with 2 monitors, vertical+horizontal, and that’s the most versatile setup I ever tried. Sometimes I also go for full-vertical crazyness :sunglasses:


(BTW, the one to the right is 16:10 and it’s an awesome form factor)

90ª rotation is a must for me, but even after being amazed by my vertical monitors, my colleages can’t get themselves to turn theirs. They just forget about it or think it’s just geeky stuff that won’t work for them. So I would understand if you didn’t add this (less popular) feature. And I would go buy another Dell :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Regarding VESA, there could be three types of implementations:

  1. The included stand is attached to the monitor via VESA screws, so you remove the stand and install a VESA system instead.
  2. The included stand is attached in a diferent way to the monitor, so you have the VESA mount available. This is useful for installing a small NUC, for example, or any other VESA compatible device.
  3. A combination of both. For example, the included stand is attached via VESA screws, but still exposes 4 VESA compliant screws so you can attach other stuff on top of it.

I’d be fine with #1, but #2 or #3 would be nice to have.


BTW, my colleagues also don’t bother regulating the position of the monitor. I would love Eve taking a stand (see what I did here?) towards ergonomy, even including a small setup manual or something like that.


I’m not sure if some already do this, but I’d love to have this :slight_smile: About half the companies I’ve been at have a document about safety regulations regarding RSI prevention. I would love to help in designing if it’s needed.

Regarding the stand. I really hope it won’t add a huge amount of costs or is optional since I really don’t plan on using it ever. I have cheap Vesa mounts that not only allow me to tilt, swifel, adjust up/down/left/right and rotate to my hearts content. They also do not take up close to any desk space. And honestly I’m having a hard time seeing anyone choosing the “build in” stand over any decent arm.

Though you could of course bundle an VESA arm as well. Most cheaper ones do look a bit bulky/aggressive imo.


Yeah, the bulkiness/agressivenes of VESA arms is a thing. I can’t picture myself using a Boston Dynamics-esque robotic arm in our shared office space. Also, I could only attach it to the table, so that wouldn’t be an improvement in space usage.

Making the stand optional would indeed be an interesting idea. It would add some “modularity” to the product, so you could get a very cheap “dumb” stand, an adjustable one, or no stand at all and use your preferred VESA arm.


Stand has to be able to move in all directions,

It has to be HEAVY enough,

And has to have cable guides and holes for the cables where needed to keep them hidden behind the stand.

It has to be easy to assemble with a butterfly nut, it has to “click” in place of monitor and it has to have anti slip pad on the bottom.

Has to have matt finish as well as the monitor itself, because glossy surface has to much reflections and this way the reflections don’t distract and bother.

Also, the dust isn’t so visible as well.
So we don’t have to clean so often :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What else did I forget about the stand? :thinking:


As far as the stand is concerned I really, really want an MS Studio type experience. With touch/pen support of course!

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Please consider ergonomics too. Samsung chg70 stand is ridiculously deep ( which consume a large area of desk).


There goes the mini pc behind the screen theory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But yes, that is what I forgot to mention,
Make the stand as close as possible to the wall.

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I don’t currently have a Vesa stand but I want to have the option to use one if that changes. The MS studio style stand would be great to but I don’t think everyone is looking for that. Having Vesa mounts seems like the best way to provide the most mounting/stand options.

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The community votes look nice so far.

I think a VESA stand could be realistic for me in the future but not now.

Do you maybe plan to create an own VESA stand for the EVE Spectrum?

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You basically want a vesa desk arm, maybe one as slim as that new Samsung has, but still the concept is the same.

On amazon you can find good VESA arms with good adjustment in position, angle & tilt for 30 bucks. Eve should be able to source one as well.


If I take a closer look to my ergotron LX monitor arm I would say that it has everything Konsta asked for above. To make it a stand you have to reduce the spring power or you have to build a 20kg plate for the desk to hold it… But in general the tech and functionality of the arm is available, the design is something eve could change. I would suggest to partner up with an monitor arm manufacturer making a hybrid stand/arm for spectrum.
The most interesting part will come if we ask if spectrum maybe gets touch abilities??? Then you can forget the stand questions here… and the monitor arm is raising his fingers…


Is it possible to have bezel free, modular screens that would be able to be mounted flush next to each other for different layouts? I haven’t used a monitor stand that came with the monitor for over 20 years, they never are quite good enough. Nowadays, I run a triple monitor side-by-side landscape on an single ergotron xl stand with 5760x1080 across the three. If there was an option to get a monitor with no/minimal bezel and no stand, or an optional stand, it may open up more options for more people. We could even design a modular stand that could support more monitors with additional parts. The ergotron is great, but it is really bulky and heavy. The monitors today don’t weigh half as much as the older ones, so i’m sure we could get away with a lighter build.


If the monitor ends up being VESA compliant, the stand could be optional.
Personally I have purchased a dual monitor stand and the monitor stands are left unused.
I have already paid for a stand, why should I buy (and pay for) another?


Both speakers and stands tend to be useless quality anyhow so I wouldn’t mind the lack of both but I don’t have huge preferences here.

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On the speakers part, I agree.
But not on the stand part.
The number of consumers that is using Vesa is fairly low and personally, I have a great experience with the Dell stand.
A monitor sold without stand is like a car without wheels.


16% says they will anyway get their own VESA system
54% says they are planning to have a VESA system

Consistency 0


concrete plans vs. ideas